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Whiskey, Wings, and Wine

Some restaurants manage to find the right combination, making you ask yourself why you never thought of that? Or why don’t other restaurants do that as well? Food is all about creativity—how to blend ingredients and pair dishes with the perfect drink to create an unforgettable meal. Creekside Eatery, over at 401 Zerex Street in Fraser, CO, is famous for its weekly events which attract patrons on weeknights as well as on weekends. And Wednesdays are quite special there because these are the evenings for Whiskey, Wings, and Wine. Read below why many say this is the best happy hour in Winter Park below:

Wings of All Flavors

Whiskey, Wings, and Wine is very popular among the patrons of Creekside Eatery. First off, the wings are really sumptuous. And you know what they say, you can’t go wrong with wings. Almost all recipes that revolve around wings are a hit, a fact that the chefs at Creekside Eatery take full advantage of as they offer wings in different flavors and styles. Fried wings, barbecued wings, wings in gravy, the list goes on. Even if your love for wings is so deep that you’re certain you’ve tried all the wings recipes out there, the chefs here will surprise you with new and exotic flavors you didn’t even know were possible.

Whiskey and Wine

Food pairing is an exquisite art. It’s one of the things you can learn by watching cooking shows and eating at classy restaurants. Of course, it helps if the restaurant is also a bar; then you know you’re getting the best whiskey in town. The restaurant offers premium whiskey and gourmet wings for as low as $10.99. You also get $5 off on every wine bottle. And this festive meal is offered every Wednesday between 2 pm until 9 pm. It’s not a year-long offer, unfortunately. It’s only available between October and April of every year.

Crooked Creek Saloon

Whiskey, Wings, and Wine is not the only specialty of Creekside Eatery. All week you can expect to have an event that turns the place into a carnival of food and joy. Sunday nights you can enjoy free pool with happy hour between 11 and 5. Mix It Up Monday gives you the second appetizer at half price. Tuesdays are trivia nights which start at 7.30 pm while Thursdays have open mic events.

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