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Winter Park Art Festival Alpine ArtAffair

Winter Park has a long love affair with fine art. For decades the annual celebration of fine art and fine craft has been attracting thousands of art connoisseurs as well as lay people. This year the great Winter Park Alpine ArtAffair event goes into its 46th year, where for two days on July 13th and 14th, 2019 Fraser Valley once again becomes one large open gallery. Whether you’re passionate about art or just have a passing interest in it, head over to 509 Zerex Street, Ste. 103 in Fraser, CO. The free outdoor event offers a great opportunity to discover the latest artistic trends and what the local artists are coming up with this year. Read more about one of the top Winter Park Colorado activities below:

Art for Art’s Sake

There’s no doubt that artists are not having it easy these days. This is especially true of local art students and art schools as well. So, it’s heartwarming to see an art event like the Winter Park Art Festival that aims to help art students and schools. While admission is free, there are fees for applications and renting booths. The proceeds from these sources go to support the art community in the area. While you’re enjoying the arts and crafts, you’re also helping artists just by being there.

Various Categories

As we all know, art is no longer the domain of canvass and paint. The art medium has become a flexible term to cover many elements, from print media and ceramics to fiber, glass, and jewelry. Each year the event organizers try to adjust their categories to make them more comprehensive and reflect the ever-evolving nature of art and its media. 2018 saw a record number of artists competing in various categories that included metal, food, fiber, and ceramics. But the largest category by a number of participants was jewelry. It’s obvious that the jewelry market is flourishing in Winter Park, thanks mainly to the stream of tourists that visit the area every year. Many of our local jewelry shops took part in the event last year.

Winter Park Art Festival

Not only do you get to enjoy the latest trends in arts and crafts, but you can go home with an exquisite piece of art to decorate the place. It’s just another reason why people love to attend this event. Instead of going all over town to do your gift shopping, you’ll find all the gifts you need right here in one place.

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