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St. Patrick’s Day

March is the first month of spring, bringing warmer temperatures and a reprieve from winter snow. March also means the arrival of St. Patrick’s Day in Colorado, the day when the city acquires a bright green color and the air fills with Irish music. The patron saint of Ireland invites everyone for a glass of green beer. On March 16th, 2019, head over to Winter Park Resort at 85 Parsenn Road in Winter Park, CO. The celebrations start at 1 pm and will go on until 5 pm. There’s a lot to enjoy here besides the beer and cheerful costumes.

The Beer Garden

You really need to put aside everything you know about St. Patrick’s Day, because the way Winter Park celebrates is a bit different. Whether you don your best green costume or not, you’ll find yourself immersed in the spirit of the festival from the moment you reach the beer garden. Will you find a leprechaun hiding behind the trees and beckoning to you to follow? That could very possibly happen. But whether you follow the mystic being or not depends on how much green beer you have downed. Also, we can’t guarantee that the leprechaun actually exists. The more cocktails you have, the better your chances of running into the little green one. And full disclosure: there are no hidden treasures in the beer garden, so we wouldn’t advise you to go digging where you saw, or thought you saw, the leprechaun.

Live Music

Once you get hammered enough and the sky takes on the colors of the rainbow, it’s time to enjoy some traditional Irish music! The band Claddagh will perform live and cover some of the best Irish music that people have been enjoying for hundreds of years. It’s rumored this traditional music makes the beer and cocktails go down smoother, but there’s no way for us to scientifically prove or disprove that assumption.

Winter Park Holidays

Having had enough of Irish music and green beer, it’s time to head over to Ear2Ear, the photo booth, to commemorate this sacred day. Because the next day when you’re battling the mother of all hangovers, you’ll want to remember what antics you were up to the previous afternoon. You can also enjoy other games on the lawn. Children are invited to the gazebo to have some fun games that have nothing to do with beer or drinking.

St. Patrick’s Day is the jewel of March. It officially opens the season of celebrations and promises a fun summer in Winter Park. For more information on Winter Park holidays, call us today.