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80s Retro Weekend Featuring the Goonies

If you’ve lived through the 80s where roller skating and mullets were not only acceptable but very much in fashion, you may feel a yearning for that seemingly innocent period of your life. The internet wasn’t a thing and social media was decades away from allowing people to post their every thought. And while we may prefer the world as it is today, it still doesn’t hurt to look back at the 80s as a time when people had more face-to-face interactions than they do now, which might explain why 80s Retro Weekend Featuring the Goonies is one of the favorite Winter Park Colorado events!

The Goonies

The 80s were more than just a period where questionable fashion statements and half-baked sci-fi movies were being churned out of the Hollywood machine; it’s also a time when the country was trying to put the Vietnam War and Watergate behind it. It’s also the decade that gave us Back To The Future among other cinematic landmarks. The Goonies, an 80s cover band, still celebrate the 80s like nobody else. In fact, some would go as far as to say that the Colorado music scene wouldn’t be the same if The Goonies never existed.

Things To Do In Winter Park CO

Now you won’t need to put on your old dungarees, roller skates, and sport your hair in a mullet in order to get in the mood: All you need is to head over to Winter Park Resort on April 20th, 2019 to bring back the best memories of the 80s while dancing to The Goonies. The free event is open to all ages and goes from noon until 5 pm. Let the nostalgic memories wash over you as you bust your best moves and feel like you’re back in time.

But it’s not all about retro music and dance moves. The festival also celebrates other facets of the 80s cultural scene. Arcade games were a major part of every teen’s life back then, and you can enjoy Pacman in Red Chair Plaza. Or if you miss old-style workouts like Sweatin’ to the Oldies, head over to the Village Plaza Stage. A costume contest will crown the best person to bring back the 80s styles to life, so be sure to bring your fanny pack and skinny skis.

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