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Situated only a short drive away from Winter Park is one of the most challenging mountain peaks in the area—and that’s saying something in a region brimming with peaks to climb and conquer. Find out more details below about Parry Peak and what an excursion atop this mountain can add to your Winter Park experience!

A Challenging Climb for Experienced Hikers Looking for a View

Talking about the trail to Parry Peak feels like somewhat of a misdirection, as the trail traverses three other mountain peaks on the way. The trail to Parry Peak crosses over Mt. Eva, Mt. Flora, and Colorado Mines Peak, serving as one of the ultimate “tours” of the Rocky Mountains.

If you want to finish your hike to Parry Peak in the same day (before inclement summer weather, including thunderstorms, rolls in), you’ll want to begin your journey around sunrise and be wrapped up by the late afternoon. It’s especially important to finish early on this trail, as the steep and rocky trail becomes even more treacherous during the wrong weather.

Start off from the parking lot in Berthoud Pass, following the Continental Divide Trail in a southern direction for two miles up to Colorado Mines Peak. At this point, you’ll want to head east, following the ridgeline past Mt. Eva and Mt. Flora. Measuring at a whopping 13,391 feet, Parry Peak is the highest and final peak along the ridgeline.

This trail is definitely one of the more intense trails in the Winter Park area, both in terms of its demanding nature and its wonderful, all-encompassing views. Snow is on the ground year-round, though it’s possible to avoid walking through it for the most part. Mountain goats make their home here, and you can see the remains of modern-day ruins: a collapsed cell tower located approximately halfway through the trail.

If you decide to take on this incredible trail, don’t forget to pack the essentials; your life might just depend on it. At bare minimum, wear appropriate hiking shoes and layered clothing, in addition to bringing food, water, and a camera.

Parry Peak CO

Parry Peak and the mountains surrounding Winter Park present the exciting opportunity for adventure. Dive into your Winter Park experience by selecting the best accommodations possible, through Winter Park Escapes. Contact our office and ask about reserving your lodgings in one of our fantastic Winter Park vacation rentals, especially our forest view rentals, today!