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Mt. Flora is one of the many stunning peaks that comprise the incredible Rocky Mountains, rewarding those who decide to take on the challenge of hiking the peak with a moderately difficult climb beset by wildflowers and awesome views. Read on below to learn more about hiking and more on Mt. Flora.

An Excellent Hiking Destination Year-Round

Spanning over the course of six and a half miles, Mt. Flora is a surprisingly easy hike for such an extreme elevation gain. The secret? Driving to the base of the trailhead takes out much of the work that would be done by hiking. That’s not to say that you won’t find a challenge on Mt. Flora, but that the mountain peak is made more easily accessible and enjoyable as a result.

The hikes on Mt. Flora are short, and visitors who reach the end can soak up picturesque and panoramic views from far above the tree line. However, the easier nature of a peak like Mt. Flora might lull hikers into a false sense of security during the summer months, when lightning strikes and severe thunderstorms are known to frequent the area. As with any hike, be cautious, pay attention to the weather and the route, and know your limits.

The trail to Mt. Flora begins at Berthoud Pass. The trail has easy access and a high elevation trailhead that makes Mt. Flora significantly less taxing of a climb than the majority of the 13,000-foot peaks in the Rocky Mountains. You’ll find the trailhead in Berthoud Pass on Highway 40, at mile-marker 243.

Your journey will likely begin with a hike up the Colorado Mines Peak, where the trail will branch off to the north just before you reach the summit. Follow the trail up to the top of the ridge and along the ridge for two miles until you reach Mt. Flora’s summit. The views here allow you to see the majority of the Front Range, with Winter Park and the Gore Range to the west.

Mount Flora Colorado

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