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Pole Creek Golf Club

Winter Park Property Walkthrough: Pole Creek Golf Club

Some things are just worth waiting for, and if you are in the midst of planning your vacation to Winter Park, we might just have the perfect example. The home you choose to make your own during any vacation is important. It gives shelter, comfort, and in our Winter Park Escapes home of the day, the luxury you crave and deserve! Our Pole Creek Golf Club luxury Winter Park property is more than just a place to rest your head between Colorado adventures. She offers 6 serene bedrooms, all with stunning views and providing all the comforts of home, 5.5 baths that are spacious and spa-like and outfitted with updated fixtures, and room for up to 14 guests to live together in harmony, perhaps encouraging a destination vacation such as a family reunion or wedding. This guide to our very special Pole Creek escape will give you a sneak peek at what a luxury vacation experienced in the shade of the Rocky Mountains should look like!

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Sometimes the sheer beauty of a space can take away your ability with words, and this golf course supersized “cabin” shows you exactly what we mean. Springing from the land like it grew out of the trees that surround it, its wood, stone, and glass exterior stands out while blending end. A large deck that extends around one side of the house give guests plenty of places to relax and enjoy the vistas, and the mountains that stand rugged and tall in the background give the structure the feeling that it has stood in this spot for centuries. Step inside and discover that a cabin can give guests all the luxuries that hard working travelers deserve. Hardwood floors stretch out before, leading to rooms filled with luxe, and soaring ceilings trimmed with natural logs as beams give the already spacious home a feeling of grandeur.

The home offers multiple living rooms (four in total), each furnished with plush sofas so soft and inviting you won’t be able to help falling asleep in the middle of the show you may be watching on the large state-of-the-art televisions that are in each space. Stone fireplaces provide romance and warmth on a chilly Colorado night and overstuffed chairs are placed where the lighting is best, making them the preferred reading chair for the family! Walls of windows let in heartbreaking views while keeping out the elements, serving as a constant reminder that no one does landscape design like Mother Nature herself! An open concept floor plan in the public spaces ensures that guests can do their own thing and remain connected with a glance, a giggle, and a smart comment!

The dining room centers the main spaces, offering a beautiful place to eat, play games, and relax under a stunning coffered ceiling crossed with those log beams and covered with tongue and groove paneling. The kitchen, however, may be the room you fall for, offering high-end appliances in stainless steel, a massive center island surrounded by cushioned wood barstools, (Somehow cereal tastes gourmet when enjoyed at this stone topped construction) and a bright and cheerful space filled with at home atmosphere and all the small appliances that make life wonderful. A private office, not so hidden away behind wood and glass French doors, ensures that if you must appear for virtual meetings at the workplace, at least you will be able to do so with style, and a fully equipped laundry room includes bookshelves lined with board games, a laundry sink, and a door that leads out to the section of the deck where a gas grill is waiting to be used.

The Views from the Outside

There are no bad views from the deck of our Pole Creek sanctuary, and there will be no bad times out here either! Offering multiple places to sit, lounge, and savor, one angle may show off the golf course that will be a fun addition to your vacation experiences, another may show trees and mountains in the background, and still another, well, the views won’t matter as much from this last angle, because it is the bubbling hot tub that will take up all your attention!

The Nightlife

No, we aren’t talking about nightclubs, bars, or restaurants, we are discussing the bedrooms that will bring you the best sleep of your life! Each room is grand and sumptuous, tucked away under peaked roofs and filled with luxurious beds so soft you will feel like you are sleeping on clouds. Smart TVs and en suite baths with soaking tubs and walk-in showers will make the adults very happy, and a bunk room where cousins can bond over secrets and jokes will make this Colorado getaway one that will be remembered forever. Reserve this beautiful Winter Park property today!

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