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Winter Park attractions

Winter Park Attractions for a Historical Journey

Travelers with a heart for spending time in the great outdoors who can’t wait to savor the scenery of the mountains will often find everything they’re looking for and more in the lovely destination of Winter Park, Colorado. Winter Park was first established as a fun mountain getaway in January of 1940 with the outlook that it would be a place where people could fall in love with their Colorado adventure and make the most of the landscape. Much to the excitement of locals and visitors, that’s exactly what’s happened. Over time, it’s only gotten better, but with every modern addition to the slopes and town itself, there are still plenty of places to explore that speak to the fun and efforts of the past. Here are a couple of Winter Park attractions to add to your itinerary when you’re ready to make the most of a historical journey to beautiful Winter Park.

Mulligan’s Mile

Throughout the decades that Winter Park has been entertaining travelers from near and far, many individuals have contributed to the region’s success and growth and in their honor, visitors today can enjoy a collection of trails named for them and known as part of the Historic Trail system. Mulligan’s Mile is one such route that is dedicated to Winter Park’s caretaker Dick Mulligan who was the groundskeeper for more than 10 years from 1945 onwards. Mulligan had a way of making visitors feel welcome and ran a “lift” of his own that was more focused on making friends with all the newcomers. Today, guests can take this trail in his honor which is no more than half a mile in length, but well worth the trek in the name of history!

Pioneer Village Museum

For those looking for a comprehensive look at Winter Park’s rich history, a stop at the Pioneer Village Museum is sure to please. Located at 110 Byers Avenue, this museum is built into a former schoolhouse and includes access to a collection of historical buildings that give insight into eras of the past. Stop by and browse the exhibits and displays that highlight early settlers in the Winter Park area as well as Old West artifacts and photographs that show the timeline of local development efforts.

Enjoy the Adventure & Winter Park Attractions

No matter when you’re ready to enjoy Winter Park, the team at Winter Park Escapes has the rental property you need to make the most of every moment of your stay. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our vacation rentals and amazing Winter Park attractions to begin planning your trip.