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Adventure in Winter Park, CO knows no bounds, even your furry companions can tag along to join in the fun! Tucked amid the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Winter Park is a haven for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences with their pets. From scenic hikes that lead to awe-inspiring vistas to pet-friendly cafes where you can savor local flavors together, this charming alpine town offers a plethora of activities for both you and your four-legged friends. Whether you’re exploring the stunning trails of the Arapaho National Forest or sharing a relaxing afternoon by the pristine Fraser River, Winter Park promises a warm, welcoming, and tail-wagging experience for all when traveling to Winter Park with pets.

Luxuriate in Exquisite and Spacious Pet-Friendly Accommodations

Winter Park boasts an impressive array of our pet-friendly vacation rentals, ensuring you and your pets feel right at home. From cozy cabins nestled in the woods to spacious mountain lodges with breathtaking views, you’ll find accommodations that cater to your needs. Most of our rentals come equipped with pet amenities like fenced yards, pet beds, and feeding stations.

Enjoy Scenic Attractions When Traveling to Winter Park with Pets

Your pets will love exploring Winter Park’s natural wonders. You can head to the Fraser River Trail, a scenic path that winds through forests and along the Fraser River, offering scenic views and endless sniffing opportunities. Don’t miss the serene Grand Lake, where dogs can dip their paws in the crystal-clear water or join you on a boat tour.

Expose Your Furry Friend to Adventure

Winter Park provides a plethora of pet-friendly activities for you and your furry friends. You can try dog-friendly snowshoeing or hiking along the countless trails that crisscross the area. In the summer, you can take the chairlift up the mountain to enjoy stunning views and cool breezes with your pup.

Dine and Relax

After a day of adventure, get ready to satisfy your appetite at one of Winter Park’s pet-welcoming restaurants. Many local eateries have outdoor seating areas where your pets can relax while you savor delicious meals. The Dock at The Fraser Valley Distilling Company is a favorite spot for pet owners, offering tasty treats for both you and your furry companion.

In Winter Park, Colorado, your pets are not just welcome, they’re cherished. Get ready to experience the joy of a pet-friendly vacation that both you and your four-legged friends will treasure.

Book Your Stay in One of Our Remarkable Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Look forward to discovering the enchanting beauty of Winter Park, CO with your furry companions by your side. Our snowy wonderland welcomes pet-loving travelers to explore breathtaking landscapes and endless adventures. To create cherished memories with your pets, you can get in touch with us to book your stay in one of our exquisite pet-friendly vacation rentals today for an unforgettable winter getaway!

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