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Being differently abled shouldn’t hinder your plans to go on vacation. Colorado’s Winter Park offers many outdoor attractions for individuals with special physical needs, giving those in wheelchairs a chance to enjoy the thrill of the great Colorado wilderness. Here are several Winter Park activities to enjoy when traveling to Winter Park with disabilities or with a special needs individual.

Traveling to Winter Park with Disabilities – Visit the NSCD

The National Sports Center for the Disabled, or NSDC in short, is a pioneer in providing accommodative outdoor experiences for people with disabilities. With over 50 years of experience, the center has helped participants rediscover their desire to compete in the outdoors via new coaching methods, tech, and adaptive equipment. The NSDC hosts exciting year-round programs in Colorado’s mountains and Front Range, making it the state’s front-runner in catering to persons with disabilities. Some activities include archery, horseback riding, canoeing, biking, and kayaking.

Head to Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Several state parks around Winter Park offer wheelchair access when you travel to Winter Park Colorado, including Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The Visitor Center has a wheelchair-friendly trail, while the park’s Panorama Point features handicap-accessible parking and a wooden boardwalk, offering exceptional panoramic views. Kirly Pond has a wheelchair-accessible fishing pier if you fancy a bit of angling. Other parks worth checking out include Chatfield State Park, Boyd Lake State Park, and Rifle Gap State Park.

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Winter Park has etched its place as one of Colorado’s best vacationing spots. This lovely town offers scenic attractions and multiple wheelchair-friendly activities, enhancing its inclusivity. As you plan your Colorado holiday, turn to Winter Park Escapes for the best accommodation in town. We offer numerous luxury vacation rentals in the surrounding municipality, giving you easy access to all the best activities when you travel to Winter Park Colorado. Our properties feature multiple amenities, including spacious living rooms, well-stocked kitchens, cozy bedrooms, and plush bedding for a stress-free stay. Contact us today to secure your Winter Park holiday rental and enjoy a memorable Colorado getaway.

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