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Times have changed and years have gone by. You now have a spouse and kids with you. The time is right for a family vacation. A lot of planning goes into making a family-themed vacation a success. Of all locations, Winter Park ticks the right boxes for different reasons. Here are some of the kid-friendly activities to explore in Colorado when you’re traveling to Winter Park with children.

Go Hiking

Your family vacation in Winter Park starts with a hike. It is a recommended way of familiarizing yourself with the area and preparing psychologically for the next phase of adventure when you travel to Winter Park. Since there are kids involved, the trails need to be selected properly. You don’t want to take your kids through thick bushes that will leave them traumatized. The good thing about it is that Winter Park has multiple family-friendly hiking trails with lots of beautiful features to admire.

Ride a Bike

Biking is one of the activities that kids love a lot. The Winter Park municipality is served by several biking trails, with some left specifically for kids. Rent a bike and join your kids for a ride through the municipality. Biking is a fun thing to do and a better way to tour the area from a kid’s perspective.

Go Shopping

Kids and shopping are two things that are hard to separate when you travel to Winter Park. Wherever they go, there is always something new that they want to take home. Downtown Winter Park is lined with multiple shops dealing with a variety of goods. Kids have an obsession with sneakers and Winter Park makes a good place to reward them. It is also the place to be for that coveted birthday gift. Sum up the shopping experience by taking them for a lunch date in any of the town’s outlets.

Have Fun in the Snow When Traveling to Winter Park with Children

The highlight of the show when vacationing in Colorado are the snow-related activities available for you to explore. There is no way you are coming to Winter Park and leaving without hitting the snow-covered slopes. Kids love being outside and playing with snow. Book a session in any of the region’s ski resorts and watch your kids do what they do best. You will be surprised at their level of expertise. You may as well pick snow fights with your kids to spice things up.

Kid-Friendly Holiday Homes in Winter Park

Traveling with your kids to Winter Park means everything must be done to perfection. You don’t want a scenario where your kids suffer all night long because of the poor conditions of your rented cabin. Let our team at Winter Park Escapes do the booking for you as you focus on giving your kids a befitting holiday experience. Call us today for more information.

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