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A family vacation always comes with a lot of planning, preparation, and research in advance. You always want to get the best deals, enjoy the special events, and get the most out of your vacation. And one of the burning questions that people always ask is whether it’s better to book a hotel or choose a Winter Park Colorado vacation rental. It’s actually a multi-layered question, and while hotels have been the popular choice in the past, recent years have seen the emergence of vacation rentals as the most convenient, affordable, and spacious option. This is especially true if you’re vacationing with your family or a large group.

Winter Park Colorado Vacation Rental Homes are More Spacious

There’s no doubt that space is just as important at your home as it is in your vacation rental. If you live in a small place, then no doubt you’ll appreciate getting more legroom when you rent Winter Park rentals from Winter Park Escapes. And while hotels are notorious for cramming as many guests in tiny rooms as they can, vacation rentals are a different story. Our Winter Park cabin rental homes, for example, give you the key to your own place. There’s plenty of room for everybody and the living area is spacious and comfortable for spending quality time with your loved ones.

More Cost-Effective

Traveling with a big family or in a large group means that you’d need a room for each person or two people. That’s the option a hotel would give you, but when you have a condo, a cabin, or a home with as many rooms as to accommodate all your group, then you end up saving more with your Winter Park Colorado vacation rental than you would if you stayed in a hotel. It’s not just a matter of simple math, it’s also about having everybody in one place you can call home during your stay instead of living in different rooms and even different floors in a hotel.

Your Four-legged Friends

This is another advantage that our vacation rentals have over hotels. We offer you pet-friendly homes so that you can bring the whole family, pets and all, to enjoy a wholesome vacation together. Some hotels do accommodate pets, but it just doesn’t feel the same as having your pet with you at no extra cost where you can enjoy each other’s company.

Between hotels and vacation rentals, our Winter Park vacation homes are more affordable, spacious, convenient, and comfortable. Browse our properties and rent Winter Park rentals online or call us for more information.