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Visiting Winter Park for Halloween 2019

The Rocky Mountains are a sight to behold when autumn comes to visit. That means it’s a great time for you to come visit us too, here in Winter Park, Colorado! We’re excited for October, because that means we’ll be getting into Winter Park Halloween fun. Here are some of the ways we like to celebrate Halloween every year:

Go on a Halloween Hike

October is the perfect time to go hiking in Winter Park, so why not kick off Halloween by taking the family out for a pleasant morning out together? If you really want to make it an exciting event, go for an off-the-beaten-path hike to give everyone a good old-fashioned challenge. Try the Devil’s Thumb—very thematic, considering the holiday! This hike is difficult, so be prepared to exert yourselves a little bit.

Fly High in a Hot Air Balloon

After the adventurous morning hike, reward yourselves with something relaxing where you don’t have to lift a finger. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the breathtaking, expansive view of the mountains in the throes of fall. There is no shortage of balloons available, with two different ballooning companies to choose from. This will be your favorite event from the whole vacation, without a doubt. Make sure to bring your camera!

Catch a Fish to Fry Up on Halloween Night

Fishing is the perfect way to stay active and still manage to relax at the same time. There are over a thousand miles of streams and rivers and over a thousand acres of high mountain lakes to choose from, so pick a spot and hang out as the October sun slides across the sky. There’s something inherently comfortable and satisfying about home-cooked dinner with fish you caught yourself in a beautiful rental home in the mountains.

Go for Late Night Drinks

Finish out the night by heading to one of Winter Park’s best bars: Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant. You’ll love the Barrel Aged Gin and the Rocky Mountain Gold Rum. Make sure to try traditional spirits from the Idle Series, or try a spirit that’s fresh and new and engaging from the Wild Series. What’s more in the spirit of Halloween than delicious, drinkable spirits?

A Memorable Halloween in Winter Park Starts Here

When you come to Winter Park this Halloween, you’ll want the best place to stay to make the most of your vacation. That’s where Winter Park Escapes comes in! Call us today at (800) 837-3048 and we’ll help you get started. Be sure to browse our Winter Park and Granby Ranch rentals for yourself!