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The beauty of your Winter Park Escapes vacation sanctuary isn’t the only thing you will fall in love with during your Colorado getaway. The rugged majesty of the mountains you see when you peer through the windows, the feel of the clean air that fill your lungs with each breath you take, and the quiet joys that can be found in the unexpected sight of a gentle doe shyly stepping out the woods, the happy bounce of a rabbit hopping away, or the colorful feathers of a bird singing happily on a branch are natural wonders will make your Winter Park visit one you will never forget, especially when you find your way to these top 5 Colorado wildlife watching spots with camera in hand.

Rocky Mountain National Park

A drive through the natural landscape has never been so wonderful as it will be when you visit Rocky Mountain National Park. Located just under 40 miles from your Winter Park Escapes vacation home, there are hiking trails and biking trails that traverse 265,000+ acres of natural enchantment, but you won’t even have to leave your car to catch your first sight of an elk, a bighorn sheep, or perhaps, if you are lucky, a large moose lumbering down to water’s edge for a sip of water on a hot summer day. Fall is the best season for viewing elk, as it is their rutting season and they come out in force, but moose and bighorn sheep come out to play during every season of the year!

Fraser River Trail

When you are ready to leave the car and step into an exciting, yet not too difficult, natural adventure, a hike along the Fraser River Trail is bound to be your favorite activity; it will also serve as a great place to view the wild animals in Colorado that live along the 5-mile-long trail! Early morning and sunset are the perfect times to see deer come out for food and drink, and the Fraser River Trail is also a favorite spot of birders, so look up and see how many different species you can spot. A good pair of binoculars and a birding app is all you need!

Jim Creek Trail

Lasting anywhere from 1.5 miles to 7 miles round trip, you may want to make sure you are wearing comfortable walking shoes as you traipse along the Jim Creek Trail in search of Mother Nature’s gentlest creatures. From the graceful heron that flaps its wings and flies off into the blue skies when you least expect it to the charming pika with its golden fur and cute little ears, there is always something wild that your camera will love on this hiking trail. Don’t forget your water, binoculars, and of course, have your favorite birding app ready to view on your phone. This trail goes through some secluded areas, and you might not get service, so bring along an actual handbook to prevent any birding emergencies!

Windy Gap Wildlife Viewing Area in Granby

You have to expect to find a decent selection of Colorado wildlife to view when you are visiting a place named after that activity, and the Windy Gap Wildlife Viewing Area is the perfect example! Offering picnic tables, telescopes, and scenic views of the water and land, this area is also listed on the Colorado Birding Trail, and during migration seasons it is possible to catch sight of Canadian geese, gulls, and ducks. Ground squirrels also make their home here, and upon occasion, you may even spot a river otter frolicking in the river that runs through the area. One type of animal you should not be able to see, however, is the domesticated type that often lies at your feet or in your lap at home; dogs are not permitted beyond the parking lot, allowing Mother Nature’s wildest creatures the opportunity to live in peace!

Grand Adventures Offroad Tours

The best adventures can often be had by following a guide into the wilderness, and Grand Adventures offers a variety of off-road tours guaranteed to take you where the wild things are. Of course, the noise of the vehicles may scare away some of the more timid creatures, but there are bound to be stretches of time when you simply sit and look around at the beauty that surrounds you, especially when you take the Continental Divide guided tour! Featuring a combination of off-road vehicle explorations and short hikes, as you pass the railroad trestle and climb higher into the clouds, the world spreads out before you like a 3D postcard picture, filled with creatures that range in size from the tiny pika to the giant moose. Depending on the season, you may even see some lumbering bears off in the distance!

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