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Late-night hangouts are so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about getting up early and going to work or school in the morning, and when you start planning out your itinerary for your Winter Park journey, this guide to our favorite late-night hangout spots with the best Winter Park nightlife will add a little extra fun and excitement to your getaway! Stay up late, sipping great drinks and sampling delicious foods, and when you can’t stay awake another minute, head back to your Winter Park Escapes vacation sanctuary, pull the curtains tight, and fall into a deep and dreamless sleep that doesn’t end until your body decides it has had enough rest and is ready for more adventures.

Deno’s Mountain Bistro, 78911 US-40 in Winter Park

The pandemic changed a lot of things in our world, and in Winter Park, some of our favorite late-night spots have started closing a little earlier, but Deno’s still remains one of our favorite places to play, even if closing time is 9 PM instead of midnight! What started out as a stagecoach stop in the early 1900s was then converted to a restaurant in the 1940s. Today, Deno’s offers all the foods that taste even better with a cold beverage washing them down, and its upstairs Sports Bar allows visitors to watch the big game with a few dozen or more like-minded individuals. Although Deno’s does close at 9 PM, it is the perfect starting point for a night of fun and adventure; close them down and head out into the night to see what waits for you at the next place!

Brickhouse 40, 320 E Agate Avenue in Granby

Brickhouse 40 is another local favorite that closes up a little earlier, but it does stay open until 11 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Brickhouse is more of a restaurant that offers a full bar but is still a great place to turn to after your fun at Deno’s on a weekend night; it can also be the perfect start to a night on the town, as their Happy Hour specials should not be missed! Hang out until the 9 PM closing time on Mondays and enjoy cheep beers, well drinks, and appetizers; Wine Down Wednesdays are a local favorite, as they offer half-price wines by the glass and bottles under $50 from opening hour until closing time!

The Basement, 78295 US-40 in Winter Park

Where do you go when you want to drink beer, play pool or video games, and you don’t want to be judged on your jeans and flannels or t-shirts? Our first stop will always be the Basement, where we live the good life with all our friends, old and new. The Basement will remind you of the parties of your youth, held downstairs so you wouldn’t be in your parent’s way, but they could still keep an eye out to make sure you didn’t do something you weren’t supposed to. The Basement is the perfect Winter Park, Colorado nightlife space to let your hair down, relax, and think about how wonderful your Colorado vacation has been!

Fisher’s Bar, 401 Zerex Street in Fraser

What happens next could take place at this local’s favorite spot, Fisher’s Bar in nearby Fraser. Offering cold drinks, hot meals in the form of your favorite pub grub, and a friendly clientele that wants nothing more than to drink, laugh, and have a good time, you may find yourself drifting back here more than once during your Colorado adventures. The décor is simple, almost dive bar chic, and although they do not offer live music, the televisions hanging over the bar always have something interesting on! Recently remodeled, they have updated quite a bit without removing any of the downhome charm that makes you feel comfortable from your first moments inside!

Ullrs Tavern, 78415 US-40 in Winter Park

Open every day of the week from 6 PM until 1:45 AM, Ullrs Tavern is like a good friend, always ready to welcome you and tell you how great you look and how wonderful your ideas are! As with most places in the Winter Park area, Ullrs Tavern isn’t fancy, but the drinks are cold, the food is hot, and the music is live, and so a great Winter Park nightlife experience is guaranteed to be had by all who visit. Offering pool tables, dart boards, and foosball tables, this is the place where your inner teen can let loose and have fun until the wee hours of the morn.

Hangover Cures with Winter Park Escapes

Sleeping it off is the best way to get over a hangover, and when you choose to sleep it off in our vacation sanctuaries, the headache that accompanies most hangovers won’t be that bad! Reserve your Winter Park Escapes vacation home today!