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It’s no secret that the mountains of Colorado can get exceptionally cold. The same weather systems that bring some of the country’s best snow also bring frigid temperatures that can take some getting used to. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favorite places in Winter Park to get a hot drink. Drinking a hot beverage is one of the fastest ways to warm up your core body temperature and is a great way to slow down and do something for yourself amidst a busy vacation schedule. Here are our favorite spots to grab a hot drink or Coffee in Winter Park:


Located at the bottom of the Eskimo and Prospector ski lifts at the Winter Park Ski Resort, Snoasis is the perfect place to warm up on ski runs. With a cozy inside and large outdoor deck that overlooks the Dark Territory terrain park, Snoasis is a wonderful place to take a minute for yourself and drink a hot toddy, hot chocolate, or coffee.

Coffee & Tea Market

Located at the base of the Winter Park Ski Resort, the Coffee & Tea Market is a go-to staple for anyone visiting Winter Park. Serving much more than just coffee and tea, The Coffee & Tea Market has a wide array of warm beverages to brighten your day.

Serving hot toddys, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and even occasionally mulled wine, this restaurant is our favorite place to warm up in Winter Park.

The Perk

The Perk is Winter Park’s trendiest coffee shop. Serving expertly made coffee, espresso, and tea, The Perk serves everything you’ll need to hit the reset button all day long. A few of our favorite items on the menu are the drip coffee, the plain latte, and the cinnamon roll latte.

We love The Perk because it pairs a classic hipster coffee shop atmosphere with the best espresso in downtown Winter Park.

Caffe Giocondo

For an authentic cup of Italian espresso, head to Caffe Giocondo in downtown Winter Park. Also serving breakfast and lunch, Caffe Giocondo’s large drink menu is sure to offer something that sounds warm and delicious.

At Caffe Giocondo, our favorite drinks are the hot chocolate, espresso, Mighty Leaf tea, and the Irlanda (which is espresso with whiskey).

Mountain Grind Coffee & Bistro

Located in downtown Winter Park, Mountain Grind Coffee & Bistro serves a huge variety of coffee and tea drinks that will help you warm up on a cold day. Coffee in Winter Park are fan favorites!

Serving coffee, tea, adult beverages, and non-caffeinated beverages like hot steamers and hot chocolate, Mountain Grind Coffee & Bistro offers something for everyone. In particular, we love the Mexican Hot Chocolate with Tequila, the Bailey’s Irish Pumpkin Chai, the non-alcoholic Parry latte, and the loose-leaf teas.

Coffee In Winter Park

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