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You have probably heard of all the winter sports that occur in Winter Park, Colorado. These outdoor activities are some of the most popular attractions to the area. One of the less talked about but just as thrilling outdoor activities is winter fly fishing. You will find some of the best fishing terrain in the Winter Park area that will guarantee you with a catch during your next trip through.

Why Fly Fish in Winter Park

When you visit Winter Park, you will be surrounded by thousands of miles of streams and rivers and almost 1,000 acres of mountain lakes. You might even be staying right on a river! Most of the streams are shallow enough to wade in, making them the perfect spots for fly fishing. Here is where you should try your reel at:

Muddy Creek – This shallow stream is the perfect spot to catch brown and rainbow trout. The creek is connected to the dam nearby, so make sure the flow is steady before heading out.

Willow Creek – Another well preserved creek that is surrounded by all kinds of wildlife. You can catch brown and rainbow trout in addition to brook trout.

Vasquez Creek – The closest creek to Winter Park is Vasquez Creek, where you can catch your fair share of cutthroat, brown, rainbow, and brook trout.

Fraser River – You will find a vast assortment of active wildlife just off Fraser River in Grand County (where Winter Park is located). The fish availability changes with the season, but brown trout are known to be plentiful here. You can also find rainbow and brook trout here, but not as often. This local favorite is a great spot to visit during the fall season for prime fly fishing Colorado potential.

Where to Get your Gear

For the best gear in town, make sure you visit Winter Park Flyfisher for everything you need. You can find everything from rods to lines, bait, and more. The professionals here can even help you find the perfect stream to cast your rod in if you still need a little extra help.

Fly Fishing Colorado

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