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Fall is one of the most impressive seasons to visit Winter Park. Leaves paint nearby bushes in a mix of red, orange, and yellow shades. The surroundings look appealing, and the weather is giving. Winter Park offers more than just skiing. Take full advantage of all of the Fall activities in Winter Park with our guide.

Fall Activities in Winter Park

Winter Park, Colorado, is stacked with tens of trails. Hiking through the camouflaging leaves is such a satisfying Winter Park experience. Bottle Peak is one particular trail you need to explore. This trail harbors some of Colorado’s hidden treasures with its beautiful flowers and panoramic views. Fall foliage extending miles long creates such a wonderful view. With the declining snow levels, more trails with clear-flowing rivers emerge. Walking down these rivers gives you a firsthand experience of the region’s dense forest cover. High alpine hikes and runs are also an option if you are a novel hiker.  

Go Fishing

Fall presents the last option for you to try out fishing in average weather conditions. The onset of winter renders Winter Park a no-go fishing zone because of the snowy conditions. Colorado River is home to tons of fishing spots. Get your fishing rod and set out for a new adventure. With the clean flowing waters, you can see fish swimming along with the flow. 

Ride a Horse

In an area already rife with fun activities, horse riding still gets a chance.  It is an excellent way to explore the backcountry. If you have never ridden a horse before, then Winter Park is the best place to start it off. Within the area are trails dedicated only to horse rides. Riding a horse is a great alternative to traditional scenic drives.  

A Pint of Beer Will Do

The best way to sum up a perfect fall experience is by treating yourself to some pint of beer. After spending the last couple of hours lost in mountains and enjoying the appealing surroundings, settling down for a bottle or two will be a great way to unwind. Colorado has a reputation for making some of the best craft beers. Order yours and get lost in the moment as you enjoy your Winter Park vacation. 

Where to Stay

The fall season offers you one last chance to explore Winter Park before it transforms to a winter wonderland. With the multiple fun activities available for you to explore, one day in Colorado will never be enough. Our team at Winter Park Escapes is here for all your Winter Park vacation rental needs. Contact us today to book your space