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Discover hiking in Winter Park, CO

The Ultimate Guide to Hiking in Winter Park, CO

Winter Park is renowned for its stunning natural landscape, making it one of the nation’s best spots for outdoor thrills. If you’re a hiking enthusiast keen on connecting with Colorado’s serene backcountry, hiking in Winter Park, CO offers numerous trails and promising epic and memorable treks. Here’s a detailed look at the city’s best hiking trails.

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Lower Roof of the Rockies

The 3.6-mile Lower Roof of the Rockies trail offers an easy hiking experience, perfect for beginners or anyone seeking a hassle-free hike. The route takes roughly one hour and twenty minutes, delivering beautiful scenery. You can only access the trail using the lift at Winter Park Resort, with tickets for anyone aged five and over costing $39, while tickets for kids aged four and under cost $12. The trail’s mild elevation gain of 298 feet makes it an excellent spot for hiking with your little ones.

The local forest, hills, and brook offer a serene and solitary hiking experience. One mile into the trail, you can branch onto the Upper Roof, which offers jaw-dropping sights from a scenic overlook. Once you reach Fantasy Meadow, pause at the picnic table and enjoy the sweeping views as you hydrate. You may spot the odd moose grazing on the luscious green grass. Numerous trees provide substantial shade, especially if you’re hiking in summer, although you may encounter bikers, so be aware.

Colorado hiking trail

Blue Sky Loop

Measuring 3.9 miles, Blue Sky Loop offers a moderate hiking challenge. This lovely route takes slightly over 90 minutes to complete as it winds around the beautiful Arapaho National Forest. The trail features an elevation gain of approximately 436 feet, offering a mild climb. You’ll experience diverse trail changes, including expansive rocky sections, steep, smooth areas, and flat stretches through the trees. Relish the sound of Vasquez Creek as it meanders through the dense forests, creating unparalleled solitude.

Blue Sky Loop opens up to diverse flora species, including Douglas fir, ferns along the creek, and kinnikinnick trees as you ascend the ridge. Enjoy gorgeous sights of asters and bluebells alongside numerous wildlife species, including elk, moose, chipmunks, and porcupines. If you’re in Winter Park with your pawed pal, feel free to tag them along since the trail accommodates leashed pets. The trail may prove challenging for younger kids but is excellent for hiking with preteens and teenagers.

Yankee Doodle Trail

Experience the majestic sights of Winter Park’s outback along the 4.1-mile Yankee Doodle Trail. The two-hour hike has an elevation gain of 734 feet, offering a mildly challenging walk. The trail starts at the bottom of the Idlewild Ski Area before climbing tight, rocky sections with dynamic terrain as you ascend. The trail is well-maintained and well-marked, providing a seamless, laidback hike.

The first two miles are mostly uphill, which you can conquer in roughly 45 minutes before heading back down. The trees offer shade in some sections, creating excellent spots for relaxing and resting. The trail features multiple species of wildflowers, offering a peaceful setting with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The trail is also a popular mountain biking route, but most folks are friendly and courteous.

Hiking trail in Colorado

Bottle Peak

The 5.7-mile Bottle Peak features a gravel section for the first two miles, offering a slightly gradual climb before emerging at a beautiful tree line with epic views. The road to the trailhead has a few rough spots requiring a bit of maneuvering, but it’s manageable with a four-wheel drive. The trail features an elevation gain of 1,706 feet, providing incredible views of Bill’s Peak, Buyers Peak, Ptarmigan Peak, and Long’s Peak once you emerge from the trees. At the highest point, the trail opens up to the breathtaking sights of Middle Park, brimming with gorgeous meadows, river valleys, and extensive canopies.

The trail has relatively few hikers, delivering a private hiking experience. Unlike most other routes, Bottle Peak isn’t renowned among biking enthusiasts, saving you the occasional run-in with mountain bikers. Relish a packed lunch at the top to replenish your energy levels before making your way back down. Bottle Peak welcomes leashed dogs, allowing for exciting outdoor adventures with your precious pooch.

Rogers Pass

This 7.2-mile trail offers an arduous hiking experience beginning a short distance off Tolland Road before traveling through beautiful alpine terrain. Follow the Forest Lakes Trail for 2.5 miles before taking a turnoff after the massive creek crossing, where the path gets very steep. You’re encouraged to use GPS to locate the turnoff since it may be tricky to see. The hike features an elevation gain of nearly 2,000 feet, offering stunning views.

Once you reach the Arapaho Lakes Trail, the rest of the route becomes easy to follow. The trail runs parallel to a stream, which forms gorgeous waterfalls at steeper sections. You’ll eventually emerge at Arapaho Lakes, promising lovely scenery surrounded by breathtaking peaks. The first lake is deep enough for a relaxing swim as you take in the sweeping landscape.

Colorado creek and trail

Jim Creek Trail

Jim Creek Trail stretches 7.5 miles with an elevation gain of 1,453 feet, offering a moderate hiking journey through the Arapaho National Forest. The hike takes about three hours and forty minutes, making it an excellent route for a half-day excursion. The trail runs parallel to Jim Creek, leading into the forest before emerging at a waterfall. You can start the hike at the G-Lot parking off U.S. 40 or drive to the National Forest Trailhead via Fire Road 128. In spring, part of the trail features beautiful flowers, adding to the natural aesthetics. Relax on the open benches as you soak in the warm sunshine and enjoy the majestic sights of Mary Jane Hill.

The trail starts at a tiny dam and continues southeast before taking you into the forest. Expect slight but continuous altitude gain as the route becomes rockier, albeit with small to medium-sized rocks. Continue over the next one mile as you rise over several hundred feet under shaded canopies. The wooded area emerges onto a lovely path toward an open meadow with lush trees and grass, marking the midway point of the hike. Some creek crossings may be high depending on when you choose to hike, so anticipate getting wet.

St. Louis Trail

The St. Louis Trail covers 9.3 miles with an elevation gain of 1,784 feet, offering a reasonably challenging hike. You can access the trailhead from the end of St. Louis Creek Road before embarking on the 4.5-hour trek. Kindly note that a gate blocks the initial trailhead, so you’ll have to hike an extra 4.7 miles to reach the route’s starting point. The trail passes through gorgeous pines and firs, creating a peaceful setting for a laid-back hike.

The first part of the St. Louis Trail follows St. Louis Creek and gets steeper as you carry on. Enjoy fantastic views of Arapaho National Forest’s lovely mountains, including St. Louis Peak and Mount Nystrom. You’ll also encounter a lovely meadow and flowing river, adding to the scenic charm of the trek. The hike ends at a breathtaking mountain lake after emerging from the trees, delivering epic scenery.

A Colorado hiking trail

Byers Peak Trail

Byers Peak Trail is one of Winter Park’s most beloved routes, stretching 8.7 miles. The trail takes five hours and thirty-six minutes to conquer, offering a challenging yet rewarding hike through Arapaho National Forest’s extensive tree cover. You’ll experience a nearly 3,000-foot elevation gain as you rise to the summit of the famous Byers Peak, where you can enjoy exceptional views of Grand County and the nearby mountain ranges, including Vasquez Mountain, Indian Peaks, and the Never Summer Mountain Range.

It gets chilly at the top, so kindly remember to dress in layers for adequate insulation. The climb to the top is steady yet rewarding as you’ll enjoy panoramic views of Winter Park’s surroundings. The first two miles feature gravel, but the rest of the trail offers a smoother walking surface. You’ll walk through Arapaho Forest’s majestic pine forest until the last mile, offering shade, especially for days with more sunshine.

Moffat Road

The 14-mile Moffat Road is an excellent spot if you’re a seasoned hiker or looking to put your hiking skills to the test. The trail has an elevation gain of 1,480 feet, offering a challenging trek through Arapaho National Forest’s lush greenery. The road to the trailhead is rough, so it’s best to use a high-clearance vehicle to access the trail. While the trip up to the highest point may be arduous, you’ll enjoy excellent views of Grand County once you reach the top.

A stop by the Winter Park visitor center for the $1 brochure will go a long way in helping you understand different points along the route. You’ll come across numerous railroad ties, remains of log cabins, and the famous Rifle Sight Notch trestle. The best time of the year to visit the trail is between February and November, when snow won’t pose a hindrance. Feel free to tag your dog for the hike as long as they stay leashed.

Plan for hiking in Colorado

Serendipity, Broken Thumb, to Ditch Loop Trail

Located in the James Peak Protection Area, the Serendipity, Broken Thumb, to Ditch Loop Trail spans 10.9 miles, taking roughly four hours and sixteen minutes. The route features a well-maintained surface with numerous paths linking to different trail systems. Despite its proximity to Winter Park, the trail features moderate crowds, offering a secluded hiking experience. You’ll encounter a few steep sections, creating an elevation gain of 1,115 feet, but numerous flat areas make the hike relatively straightforward.

The James Peak Protection Area delivers a unique hiking experience owing to local alpine ecosystems. The one-of-a-kind microclimate creates the ideal conditions for native botanic life to thrive. The best time for a hike is late spring to early summer, as warmer temperatures allow massive wildflower blooms to thrive on the mountainsides.

Helpful Tips for Hiking in Winter Park

Many hiking trails in Winter Park traverse through the high-altitude Arapaho National Forest. This elevated altitude creates a dynamic weather system, with afternoon showers and thunderstorms common in summer. Regardless of how sunny the morning weather may seem, carry a raincoat or jacket and warm clothing in case you get caught out in the rain. A hat, sunglasses, and high-SPF sunscreen are must-haves to shield you from the summer rays. Carry a physical map of your hiking route as a backup to your phone’s GPS or in case your battery dies.

Given Winter Park’s high altitude, dehydration can set in quickly. This phenomenon occurs because the lower oxygen levels elevate your body’s respiration rate, creating a more rapid breathing rate and contributing to higher water loss. Carry ample drinking water and drink at regular intervals to help maintain adequate hydration levels. Avoid drinking directly from lakes, rivers, or streams, but if you must, ensure you treat the water with a portable filtration device. If you’re planning a long, multi-hour hike, carry high-energy bars to keep your energy levels up. Additionally, ensure you inform a family member or close friend of your hiking route and your expected return for enhanced safety.

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