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While Winter Park is a fantastic vacation destination year-round, there’s something special about spending winter in Winter Park. The crisp air infuses the snow-blanketed landscape with a sense of fresh wonder—particularly when you enjoy it aboard an old-fashioned sleigh that looks as if it came right off of a Christmas card. In Winter Park, you don’t have to venture far from your cozy condo to find that picture-perfect moment. Learn more about sleigh rides in Winter Park, CO below!

A Lovely Winter Pastime in Winter Park

Snow Mountain Ranch is home to Sombrero Stables, where you have a variety of options to make your Winter Park sleigh rides even more special. Take an hour to two and a half-hour long ride with hot cocoa and roasted marshmallows by the campfire afterwards, horse petting, wildlife watching, or dinner, with a hearty dose of caroling on the side.

Hot Cocoa Sleigh Rides are available daily during the season at 12:00pm, 1:30pm, 3:30pm, and 7:00pm, call for pricing. Dinner Sleigh Rides are held daily at 5:30pm during the season. Private sleigh rides are also available.

Another company in the area that offers sleigh rides in Winter Park, CO is Dashing Thru the Snow. Situated in Fraser nearby, Dashing Thru the Snow offers both group and private sleigh rides pulled by a beautiful team of draft horses. During these Winter Park sleigh rides, you and your companions traverse through tranquil snow-covered woods and meadows with views of the Continental Divide, as well as historic trails along the way.

Devil’s Thumb Ranch rounds off our list of great sleigh ride companies in the area. From November through April, they offer sleigh rides throughout the day with a variety of itineraries. From sleigh rides where you get to feed the horses beforehand to one-hour rides, family rides, evening rides, and special request rides, you have plenty of options for your special sleigh ride in Winter Park, CO! Call the companies to schedule or learn more about pricing!

Before the Ride

The best time for your sleigh ride is in the evening, which leaves a lot of daylight hours to fill, especially for youngsters eager to meet the horses that are going to be their “chauffeur!” Fortunately, there is a lot of other things you can do to take their minds off the evenings upcoming adventures, including a visit to Cozens Ranch Museum. Although children and museums don’t normally mix, this special location offers a peak into Wild West days, as it was the first homestead in the area. Located at 77849 US-40 in nearby Granby, this was the first stage stop, the first post office,  and also acted as a hotel and restaurant for travelers that were tired, cold, and hungry. Today, the cozy white structure with green trim wouldn’t look out of place in your own neighborhood, but when you walk inside, a whole new world opens up—or maybe we should say OLD world! Featuring an interior that looks much the same as it would have in settler days, the restored mail coach that resides in the old stables may just end up being the highlight of the adventure for your beloved children!

Impromptu Snowball Fights

Not all activities have to be organized ones during your once in a lifetime Winter Park vacation. The most memorable events can start with a simple scoop of snow mashed together and tossed in the direction of one of your family members. Let the snowballs fly as you team up with (or against!) the kids and let the best family member win! After, a cup of hot cocoa and a soak in the hot tub can warm chilled bodies until it’s time to go out into the elements once more; there’s a sleigh ride waiting for you tonight, don’t forget! Other fun activities that allow you to linger close to home include baking cookies in our fully equipped kitchens, binge watching the latest Netflix show, or sipping wine and talking quietly amongst yourselves. Not every day has to be chock full of adventures. Sometimes it’s perfectly alright to chill and wait for the big event that will happen later that night! And after the sleigh ride has ended? Carrying sleeping children into the warmth of our cheerful chalets, sipping an adult hot chocolate (just add Irish cream or Kahlua to your hot chocolate recipe) and sitting quietly in front of a roaring fire are the moments that will last a lifetime!

Create Memories That Will Last a Lifetime with Winter Park Escapes!

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