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Summer Journey | Things To Do in Colorado in the Summer | Winter Park Escapes

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Our town may be called Winter Park, but it’s actually a vacation destination perfect for all seasons. Come summer, we don’t change the name, we just change the activities and attractions to accommodate for the great weather and the now-accessible outdoors. New venues open up and summer sports become available once again. Which is a great thing, since the outdoors here are just exquisite all year round. If you thought the mountains, slopes, and trails looked great covered with powder snow, wait until you see it in the summer. There’s amazing views and beauty everywhere.

Mountain Biking

Some people like hikes near Winter Park CO, others like hot air balloon rides, but daredevils prefer biking. It’s a much more demanding sport, and with 600 miles of mountain trails in and around Winter Park, you know you’re in for some serious physical activity. Mountain trails are known for their challenging nature. They are rough, uneven, and full of natural hurdles and obstacles along the way. This all means that you really have to be in good shape before you embark on this journey. Also, your bike needs to be sturdy enough to handle the ride. Try Trestle Bike Park to enjoy freestyle biking. There’s a lift to take you to the top of the mountain and then it’s all biking downhill from there. Tipperary Creek Loop and Fraser River Trail are great places to explore.


If you thought the mountain was for skiing in the winter and climbing in the summer and nothing else, Winter Park will surprise you. There are three big lakes in the mountains to the north of Winter Park. I/f you haven’t been to an alpine lake before, this is your chance. Grand Lake is the second-largest natural lake in Colorado and gives you a fantastic view of the Rocky Mountains. Shadow Mountain Lake has a long shape which makes sailing the preferred sport. Lake Granby is the largest and has a shoreline that exceeds 40 miles. 

Things To Do In Colorado In The Summer

While it’s not the most popular summer sport you can practice here, rock climbing, or mountaineering, is a legitimate sport in its own right. The rock climbing crags here vary in difficulty and the skill levels required. Some of the climbing spots you can explore include Hurd Creek, Empire Crags, Berthoud Pass, and Longs Peak.

There are plenty of things to do in Colorado in the Summer. Choose from different activities, sports, and attractions and plan an amazing journey that will live in your memory for a long time. Get in touch with us today and let our experts help you plan your summer journey to Winter Park.