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Perhaps one of the best activities that visitors like to indulge in Winter Park is watching wildlife in their natural habitat. As a rule, animals in captivity such as zoos don’t act normal. They’re aware of all the people watching them and because of the confined places, they don’t show their prowess. But out there in their element they enjoy all the freedom that nature has to offer, and they are a joy to watch. Add to that the pristine water, the panoramic views and you got yourself the perfect setting for a wonderful day to spend outdoors in this Winter Park tour in nature.

Bird Watching

All year-round, birds make Winter Park their home. Even in the winter when the snow settles in and skiers come to the slopes with their equipment to glide and enjoy the powder snow, even then birds get to the high trees and settle for the cold months. So grab your binoculars and head out to the forest because this is going to be fun. Clark’s nutcrackers, gray jays, and white-tailed ptarmigans are a few of the birds that you’ll find around here any time of the year. The lakes also house some of the most colorful birds you can lay eyes on. So, if you’re wondering about things to do in Winter Park, CO, consider bird watching.


Another part of your Winter Park tour in nature could be fishing. That’s another sport that you can enjoy almost every season. During the winter when the lakes freeze over, it’s only the surface that gets frozen. Under the icy top, trout still swim freely, and they’re as hungry as ever for your bait, so hook that rod and get your fishing gear ready. All you need is to drill a hole in the ice and you’re ready to go! The best fishing locations are Lake Granby, Shadow Mountain Lake, and Grand Lake.

Hiking and Biking in Your Winter Park Tour

For the outdoorsy person seeking the thrill of adventure, hiking and biking are two popular sports around here. Winter Park is known as the biking capital thanks to the vast network of connecting trails that would take bikers to all remote destinations up the mountain. Rogers Pass and Tipperary Trail are two of the best-known and widely frequented biking trails. The first one is only 5 miles long but is quite difficult with an elevation of 1076 feet. Triperary Trail on the other hand is 26 miles long and is considered hard—which of course won’t stop adventure seekers from trying it out. For more information about Winter Park wildlife, call us today and find out about our vacation rentals.