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Between shopping, arts, and food, your Winter Park vacation is one bonanza of fun and entertainment. Whether you like outdoorsy activities or you like cozy indoor fun, there’s plenty of Winter Park, Colorado activities to choose from here to fill your vacation with joy and pleasure. And the best part? The fun doesn’t stop all year round. Even when it’s snowing outside, you’ll feel warm and snug in the art gallery, museum, or retail shop you chose to spend the afternoon in for your girls’ getaway to Winter Park.


Shopping at boutiques and other local stores is one of the best joys of life. You don’t have to be a shopaholic in order to enjoy this hobby. And at Winter Park, all the quaint boutiques that line the streets in downtown are waiting to attract your eyes and get your attention with a plethora of gifts, knick-knacks, items of clothing, and everything you ever thought you needed plus many things you didn’t know you wanted in your life. Jewelry, hand-crafted furniture, and souvenirs will keep you busy for a whole morning. Take home something to remind you of Colorado and the great time you had at this vacation. It’s definitely one of the best Winter Park, Colorado activities!

Art and Galleries

They say the best way to experience a new area is to see it from the eyes of the local artists. Painting, sculpture, and other mixed media art is a great way to discover the hidden beauty of the whole of Colorado. Many of the galleries in downtown Winter Park feature the work of local artists. And you’ll notice that many of them have been inspired by the mountains, which is no surprise. Nature here has a unique beauty that spills over all the paintings, sculptures, and printed art. Enjoy the delicate watercolors capturing the beauty of the local flora and fauna when going on this girls’ getaway to Winter Park!

Food and Restaurants

In real life we try to follow the rules of dining, eating all our vegetables, cutting back on carbohydrates and fats, and sticking to the white meats and fish for our dinner protein, but on vacation—especially on a celebratory vacation with your girls—the rules go out the window as you dine on whatever catches your fancy! And if your cravings are turning in the direction of a thick and juicy steak served in a comfortable Western-style décor (real women eat steak, you know!), Maverick’s Grille at 15 E Agate Avenue in Granby is the direction in which your rental car should be headed! Offering perfectly prepared steaks, giant burgers that take up most of the plate, and a full bar so as to wash down your selection with your favorite adult beverage, dinner at Maverick’s promises to be one of the more memorable events of your Colorado adventures!

Spas and Wellness

Vacations are the right time to relax, destress, and detox. Leave the work and stress of daily life behind you and indulge in the luxury of spa and massage. Here at Winter Park, you’ll find plenty of spas and health and wellness centers to pamper you and undo your knotted muscles. Enjoy a wide variety of relaxing services such as massage, neuromuscular therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care, reflexology, aromatherapy, and energy healing. Check for packages that not only will save you money but offer a whole bunch of reinvigorating services to make you practically glow.

Wine and Wineries

It is the simple pleasures in life that make up for the bigger moments of stress and disappointment. Late-night giggle sessions with the ladies who have stood by you through thick and thin, a Christmas movie marathon enjoyed with a cup of hot cocoa and your comfiest pajamas, and that first taste of really good wine! The way it slides smoothly down your throat, spreading warmth throughout your body, and taking away all the harsh edges of your day is a treat that cannot be missed, and when you are traveling to Colorado, you and your ladies can participate in a tasting at the Winter Park Winery. Located just down the road at 395 Zerex Street in Fraser, this small-town winery offers a surprisingly large selection of excellent wines, and its tasting room, which can hold up to 20 people, fills up fast!

Every glass you sip is made right here on the premises from grapes grown in Colorado and California. The best part of all? When you find your new favorite Chardonnay or you fall in love with that 2007 Riesling that instead of being overly sweet is crisp, dry, and delicious, you will not have to load a few bottles in your suitcase and pray the bottles don’t break and spill all over your clothes and souvenirs; their online store allows you to order that bold and full-bodied Grateful Red and have the Winter Park Winery deliver it, leaving your clothing and goodies safe, sound, and unstained!

Book a Stay to Enjoy Your Girls’ Getaway to Winter Park

Take your Winter Park vacation to the next level with a lot of fun and relaxing activities, but make sure to book a stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals first to fully enjoy your girls’ getaway to Winter Park!