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As soon as the first chill wind of October starts blowing between the trees, announcing the end of the summer months, nature goes through some drastic changes. It starts with a change of attire, putting on a colorful dress that is different shades of red and brown. And as the quality of the light and air changes, acquiring magical tones, so does the versatile flora and fauna across the area. It’s an open invitation for the visitors to come and enjoy all its majestic beauty. Fall is a wonderful time to explore Winter Park and its surrounding area. The outdoors is still alluring, and the activities you can enjoy are numerous. Read about things to do in Winter Park Colorado Fall today!

Go Fish

Fishing is one of those sports that you can enjoy in just about any environment and weather conditions. Where there’s water, there are fish to be caught—even if said water is covered with a thick sheet of ice. This doesn’t stop an avid angler from drilling a hole in the ice and casting a line for the fish underneath. Winter Park offers some of the most enticing alpine fishing spots you can find in the lower 48. The rivers and streams are teeming with all kinds of fish, especially trout and salmon. It’s an angler’s dream to fish in such vibrant surroundings.

Hiking and Backpacking

Because it’s the fall season, the evenings can turn chilly, but the outdoors are still quite accessible. And that’s great news if you like hiking and backpacking. The trails will take you through some breathtaking scenes and it’s easy for one to get lost in the midst of all this beauty. Nature here is generous and between the mountain peaks, the lakes, and the rivers, there’s a lot to explore. So pack your gear and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Winter Park Colorado Fall Activities

Mountain boarding is the new hot thing for outdoor enthusiasts. The mountains here are quite accessible and the slopes are gentle enough for you to enjoy all types of boarding. From woodland to freestyle, the landscape allows you to demonstrate your skills and show off with all those cool moves you just learned recently. Two major spots provide the perfect setting for this sport. Hideaway Skate Park is 14,000 square feet and perfect for skateboarders, while Empire has a vast network of trails. Both are tempting and you will find it hard to resist busting out your board and getting busy.

The fall is a unique season in Winter Park. The changes in the weather and the landscape call for you to spend more time outdoors enjoying all that beauty. Call us for more information about the different attractions in Winter Park.