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One of the pleasures of life is great food—so many people take this simple fact for granted. But a vacation to Winter Park is as good an opportunity as any to set out on an epicurean trip to savor the delights of the different cuisines that this city is famous for. The only problem here is that there are so many restaurants, diners, and cafes all serving their unique style of food that it’s hard to know where to begin. So, let’s simplify things a bit with these amazing Winter Park restaurants!

The Porch

We can all agree that casual food doesn’t require a special timing or occasion to enjoy. Any time your tummy starts fluttering or gurgling or whatever yours does to make you aware that a refill is in order, you can just head to The Porch. The place is nice and offers Southern-American comfort food with a particular emphasis on cheese and bacon. It’s not exactly the type of food that is dieter-friendly, but diets and comfort don’t get along; it’s a vacation, after all! Surely you can get back to your diet when you go back home. It’s definitely one of the best places to eat in Winter Park.

Reel Fish Coastal Kitchen

One of the best Winter Park restaurants is the Real Fish Coastal Kitchen. If seafood makes up a big chunk of your weekly food intake, then no doubt you’d be looking for a seafood restaurant in town. Your search ends here. The food is fresh, steaming, in large portions, and has a distinct garlicky flavor. That’s not a bad thing when it comes to seafood. It’s also what Southern fish camp cooking tastes like. So bring a big appetite because you’ll need a lot of stomach real estate if you want to try all the delicious food here. There’s also a bar so you can get rid of the garlicky taste with a few whiskey shots. 


You’ve had casual food and you’ve had seafood. It’s time to try fine dining in an upscale restaurant to take that special person in your life to. Here you can try foods like pizza, pasta, and BLT panini on a patio where the amenities give the food a special taste. The portions are not as large as in other places, but the exquisite tastes make up for the small sizes.

Making sure your culinary map is well-marked beforehand means your vacation will be full of gastro delights. Contact us for more information about the best dining places in Winter Park.