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Colorado’s favorite playground, Winter Park, offers you numerous outdoor activities that revolve around the magnificent mountainous terrain. Tourists visit the area from different parts of the world to experience a venturesome vacation featuring unique activities like snowboarding and sledding. This Colorado municipality also boasts the perfect setup for family getaways, with most adventures available incorporating children’s events. You can visit the town with your loved ones and explore its rich portfolio of amazing outdoor parks, such as Hideaway Park in Winter Park, a touristic area with multiple amenities. 

Hideaway Park In Winter Park

Located in downtown Winter Park just across the Visitor’s Center, Hideaway Park promises you and your loved ones a trip of a lifetime. This exciting attraction opens from 8 AM to 5 PM from Monday through Friday. Its exciting amenities attract visitors in droves, who frequently come as families to exploit the diverse features that promise an adventurous outing. Based on a first come, first served policy, the park’s program helps to bring families closer while maintaining fun.  

Adults can check out the amazing pavilions and picnic parks that scatter the place. You can lounge in these areas while you marvel at the attraction. Let your kids play in the park’s playground while you cope with the fascinating surroundings. If you’re a hands-on vacationer, fret not, since the park also features a skate park and a climbing wall. Challenge yourself by scaling the wall or doing ollies on the designated skate park at Rendezvous Event Center. You can also wind up your day by having a great cookout using the barbecue grill in the picnic zones. Another way to pass your time in this Colorado gem is by visiting its fabled Rendezvous Event Center, an entertainment hub that hosts multiple festivals all year round. 

Before You Visit

Like most attractions in Winter Park, the Hideaway Park also has a set of conditions to be met before checking in. First, ensure that you know all the ins and outs of the area by checking with the visitor center before exploring different places. Also, verse yourself with the ever-changing Colorado weather before deciding what to wear or do.  

Where to Stay

The Hideaway Park promises a fun-filled day full of exciting outdoor activities that’ll have you and your family’s attention. This unique gem sits perfectly downtown, close to our magnificent vacation rentals. Talk to us today if you’re planning to explore this Colorado municipality, and we’ll offer you amazing rental deals.