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Nestled within the Second Creek Basin on the western side of Berthoud Pass, Broome Hut is a day-use cabin located at the end of a hiking and skiing trail that rewards visitors with panoramic views of some of the most awe-inspiring sights in the Winter Park area. Learn more about Broome Hut below!

A Backcountry Hut Near a Gorgeous Hiking Trail

Winter Park’s backcountry is among the most beautiful in Colorado, and huts like Broome Hut make it possible to enjoy this dynamic and challenging terrain overnight or for the day.

You can reach the Broome Hut cabin at Second Creek by driving just ten to fifteen minutes south of Winter Park along Highway 40, where you’ll come upon a jaw-droppingly picturesque hiking area surrounded by James Peak, Mt. Eva, Mt. Flora, Colorado Mines Peak, Stanley Mountain, and Vasquez Peak.

The Second Creek Trailhead, which leads to Broome Hut, is situated three miles from Berthoud Pass, with the hut itself located just under a mile from the trailhead over the course of an elevation gain of 800 feet for a total of two miles roundtrip. Year-round, the hike is short but steep, rated with a moderate difficulty. During the winter season, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular on the trail as well, since Broome Hut receives an average of 500 inches—or nearly forty-two feet—of snow each year.

Make the trek up the trail and you’ll encounter views of the Continental Divide, the Vasquez Peak Wilderness, and Berthoud Pass. Just above Broome Hut, you can also access the Cirque, a snowbowl for skiing and snowboarding, as well as an extension of the trail that leads further into the backcountry.

Dogs are allowed on the trail, provided they remain on a leash. The ecosystem here is delicate but stunning, with alpine flowers reaching their peak bloom in mid-July and a variety of wildlife—including bighorn sheep, mountain goats, and elk—making their home in the area.

The day-use portion of Broome Hut is open from 9:00am until one hour before sunset, after which time it converts to overnight quarters for the Volunteer Hut Master.

Broom Hut Colorado

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