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5 Ways to Enjoy Labor Day in Winter Park

While from the outside Winter Park may seem like another simple winter resort mountain town, we’re here to tell you today that’s far from the case! Winter Park is a bustling resort town with no shortage of fun and exciting activities going on all year round, and Labor Day weekend is certainly no exception! If you’re looking to spend Labor Day in Winter Park, here are a few ideas that will make your next vacation truly incredible:

Visit the Circus!

Now known worldwide for its intimate 500 seat tent and incredible acts, the Zoppe Family Circus will be in Winter Park this upcoming Labor Day weekend! The Zoppe family has been gleefully entertaining audience members for more than 160 years now, and their unique story is told by acrobatic feats, clowns, equestrian showmanship, and much more! The Zoppe Family Circus is great fun for the entire family and an incredibly unique and memorable way to spend your upcoming Labor Day vacation!

Go on a Hike and Reconnect with Nature

The Winter Park area is home to some of the most beautiful sights and sounds that Mother Nature has to offer. What better way is there to spend your Labor Day than by exploring it all for yourself? Winter Park is home to a large number of hiking trails for all difficulties and skill levels, and you will certainly be rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains you’ll find in all of Colorado.

Take to the Skies with a Majestic Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Now we know what some of you may be thinking: “Sure, seeing all of that beauty and nature sounds great… but this is my vacation. I want to relax!” No problem! We have an alternative to offer that will still allow you to see everything Winter Park has to offer that can also provide unforgettable memories: a hot air balloon ride. Take to the skies and get a bird’s eye view of the Continental Divide, the Rocky Mountains, and so much more! There are a few local companies that offer hot air balloons rides year-round such as Grand Adventure Balloon Tours, so don’t hesitate to reserve your spot today!

Visit the Labor Day Block Party at Copper Creek Square

One of the best free events available over Labor Day weekend in Winter Park, the Labor Day Block Party & Sidewalk Sales at Copper Creek Square features fun for all ages to enjoy! The block party will take place from 1pm until 4pm on September 1st and will feature food, live music, face painting, and more! This is a great opportunity to get outdoors and soak up the amazing Winter Park weather all while enjoying the community that makes Winter Park so amazing.

Enjoy Delicious Brews and Eats at Devil’s Thumb Ranch

Winter Park is home to a number of amazing local restaurants and eateries, but few can match the delicious combination of freshly brewed beer and delicious food found at Devil’s Thumb Ranch! Every Monday they host their “Let’s Get Hoppy!” event, and this year on Labor Day is no different! Make sure to stop in for some amazing deals where they will pair three of their expertly crafted brews for you with a three-course meal that will make your mouth water!

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with nature and spend your Labor Day in the mountains, or just want to relax by sipping on brews from one of our many amazing local breweries, there’s really no wrong choice! Another choice you can never go wrong with is booking your stay with Winter Park Vacations, as we are the premier rental property company in all of Winter Park! So make the right choice and check out all of the amazing properties we have available for you today!