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3 Hidden Gems You Won’t Find in a Winter Park Guidebook

There are many ways to travel and explore new places. You could play it by ear, get in a car and just drive around stopping at the sites that interest you with no forethought or planning, or you could buy a Winter Park Guidebook prior to your trip and read and research until you compile a strict itinerary that is broken down into 15 minutes schedules, visiting all the popular (and crowded) tourist attractions in the area. Or, if you want to experience a vacation like none other, you could plan a trip to Winter Park, Colorado, and take a peek at this guide to the hidden gems in our favorite mountain hometown, skipping the crowds and learning the many reasons we think our town is the best place on earth!

Best Place to Take a Photograph

To be perfectly honest, the landscape of Winter Park is stunning from wherever you choose to stand but taking a short road trip to the Berthoud Pass Summit will take your breath away! Offering waterfalls and mountain vistas, lush forests and shimmering bodies of water, Berthoud Pass can be found on Highway 40, just a few minutes south of Winter Park.

Eat Like the Locals

Eating out can be one of the best parts of traveling but it can also be the scariest, and when you’re looking for a restaurant in Winter Park, most Winter Park Guidebook tend to point you in the direction of higher priced restaurants that serve haute cuisine. But when you simply want a really good slice of pizza, Winter Park residents head to Hernando’s Pizza Pub, whose motto is “Life’s too short to eat bad pizza.” And although we have to wonder if there is such a thing as bad pizza, we have to admit Hernando’s is the best we’ve ever tasted! Located at 78199 US Highway 40, we recommend the Scampi Pizza for those with adventurous taste buds!

Because of the Railroad

Our town came about because of the need for a reliable train route through the West Coast, and although the ski resort is what we are famous for today, you can still take an Amtrak train for a romantic trip through the mountains. The Fraser/Winter Park Station is located at 205 Fraser Avenue in nearby Fraser.

Explore this Winter Park Guidebook by Staying in our Vacation Rentals

Now this little factoid is most definitely not in the guidebooks, but when you’re looking for the best homemade breakfast in town, you need look no further than the kitchen of your Winter Park Escapes cozy condo or luxury home! Our fully equipped kitchens make it easy to prepare the dishes your family loves the most, and because you cooked on vacation, they get to do all the clean-up! Reserve your stay with us today!