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Sitting cozy and pretty under the Rockies, Winter Park, CO, is a great place to spend your Winter Park vacation. But don’t let the name fool you. Winter Park is both for winter as well as summer vacations. So if you like snow sports, winter is the perfect time to plan your trip, while mountain biking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting are the favorite sports for summertime. And as with every vacation, it is better to plan ahead, from what to pack, how to get here, where to stay, and what you plan to do. The more prepared you are the better and smoother your Winter Park vacation will go.

What to Bring On Your Winter Park Vacation

Depending on the season and what kind of activities you want to enjoy, your outdoor equipment should be the first thing you pack. For winter, skiing equipment along with heavy clothes will be important, since this area is blessed with heavy snowfall. If you don’t want to travel with the unwieldy skis, as our guest you can get a 20% discount with Black Tie Ski Rentals for all your ski and snowboard rentals. As for summer fun, you should come prepared for all the outdoorsy activities, including hiking, mountain biking, fishing, golfing, and boating. Some of these sports are physically demanding so physical fitness is recommended.

Free Shuttles

Getting around town isn’t ideal for those who don’t have a car. Still, you can do away with renting out a car or driving your own car for that matter thanks to the free shuttle services. The shuttles will take you to and from the ski resorts, connecting you to the different parts of the town. In addition, most restaurants, activities, and entertainment spots are within a walking distance, especially around the base of the mountain, which makes the car redundant.

Indoor and Outdoor Fun

Apart from the diverse activities all year round, Winter Park has something for everyone. Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or prefer the indoors, a summer person or love winter with a passion, there’s a lot you can enjoy here. Both beginners and experienced people will find the thrill and challenge they seek here. Between the great slopes, the tubing hills, and skating rinks, your days and evenings will be filled with excitement and fun. Besides adventurous sports, you can also enjoy fine dining, shopping, arts and culture, as well as carnivals, special events, and farmers markets.

Planning your vacation to Winter Park is an important step to get the most out of your Winter Park vacation. If you’re still wondering what to do, just call our trained staff and they’ll assist you in making this a memorable vacation.

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