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Nestled against the Continental Divide just 70 miles outside of Denver, Winter Park, Colorado is a beautiful and exciting mountain getaway. Aside from stunning mountain landscapes, a world-class snow resort, and delicious dining, Winter Park offers a few lesser-known activities that are sure to help make your vacation unique. We’ve compiled a short list of our favorite things to do in Winter Park that are off the beaten path. Read about Winter Park events below:

Visit The Pink Pig

Located about 40 minutes from Winter Park on the way to Saint Mary’s Glacier, The Pink Pig is a life-size rock painted to look like a pig. As a fun and popular photo destination for world travelers, The Pink Pig is a must-see for those who like taking silly pictures.

Find the Tree of Skulls

Located where the Medicine Man Trail drops into Upper Egress at Winter Park Resort, the Tree of Skulls is covered in mounted deer, elk, and horse skulls. Constructed by hunters a long time ago, the tree has since weathered considerably, adding to its creepy charm. See if you can find it on the Medicine Man Trail!

Bike on Snow

Yes, you read that correctly! In Winter Park, you can ride a fat bike on packed snow trails, giving you the opportunity to mountain bike through beautiful winter scenery. Explore hundreds of miles of snow-packed trails around Winter Park and experiencing a new and unique way to get outside!

Go Ski Biking

Another unconventional way to enjoy snow sports is through ski biking. Unlike fat bikes, ski bikes have actual skis attached to their underside instead of having wheels. Although ski bikes take a few classes to learn, they are much more agile and can go places that fat bikes can’t in the snow.

Go Dog Sledding

Perhaps not strange to those living far North but unique nonetheless, dog sledding is one of Winter Park’s most exciting winter activities. Feeling the wind on your face as your team of dogs mushes through a crisp winter wonderland is high on the list of our favorite things to do in Winter Park.

Winter Park Events

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