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Long after your trip to Winter Park is just a memory and you have returned to your daily activities of work, school, and chores, you will find yourself looking at that painting you bought from a local artist, those shoes you found at that local boutique, or even that piece of history purchased from an antique store that only exists in our Colorado mountain town with a smile on your face. Shopping on vacation is one of those time-honored traditions that makes having to go back to real life bearable! This guide to our favorite local Winter Park shops will ensure that you have plenty of souvenirs, gifts, and mementos of one of the best weeks of your life.

Winter Park Trading Company, 78902 US-40

It never fails. You can make list after list, check and double check, and you are still going to forget something important. Snow goggles for your ski trip, a rain jacket for Winter Park explorations, or even socks that don’t hold in the moisture during your hiking adventures! Winter Park Trading Company has the solutions to most of your problems. Offering everything you need for fun outside and in, they also sell gently used sporting goods that will help keep your budget friendly and leave you more money for more shopping. Closing on Sundays at 4:00 PM, they are open every other day of the week from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, and if you are looking for guided fishing expeditions or just need your fishing license, you can get both those here as well.

Trail’s End Mercantile, 12 Zephyr Way

Getting ready for your annual vacation is never an easy thing to do as you choose a location, figure out everyone’s schedules, and try to find someone to water your plants, take in your mail, and take care of your precious fur children. And to show your appreciation, you know that you will want to pick up a little something for those helpful people in your life, and Trail’s End Mercantile is the perfect little shopping Winter Park spot to do just that! The gifts and souvenirs found here are a great way to thank your friends, and because Trail’s End is also a marketplace, go ahead and pick up some snacks for your outdoor adventures or necessities for your Winter Park Escapes fully equipped kitchen. This one-stop shop carries with it the atmosphere of an old-time general store, and the friendly ambience will make it one of your favorite places to shop.

Lavender Elephant, 78415 US-40 #204

Saving the environment is one of our favorite causes and learning that the wares offered by the Lavender Elephant are both sustainable and eco-friendly gives us a warm feeling in our hearts! If you follow along with that philosophy, you are going to fall in love with the beautiful clothing, accessories, and gifts offered here. Selling floral blazers and rainbow earrings, zero waste cutlery, straw & napkin sets, and reusable produce bags, bandanas for your fur baby and teething sets for your human baby, and vintage art that will be an adorable addition to your home, everything you see in the Lavender Elephant will be something you desperately need.

Uptripping, 78878 US-40

Now we don’t often add a furniture store to our list of must-see Winter Park shops, but Uptripping offers more than just absolutely gorgeous furniture. Featuring a collection of arts and gifts, this unique shop is also an integral part of our First Friday art event which offers local artists, live music, free beer & wine, food trucks, and a truly awesome good time! Colorful and bright, spending a few hours out of your stay browsing the aisles of Uptripping is guaranteed to make you happy and maybe a tiny bit frustrated when you find the perfect armchair for that spot by the window in your living room. They do offer an online store, however, so be sure to check it out and see if there is something you can substitute—including a bench constructed from a ski lift chair, perhaps?

Be…Boutique, 47 Cooper Creek Way #233

Have you ever walked into a store and felt an energy so good you just know that your expedition will be a fruitful one? We feel like that every single time we walk into Be…Boutique and we believe that you will feel the same, which is why we have placed it so high on our list! Offering casual sophistication, charm, and that indescribable feeling of wonderful, Be…Boutique makes you feel like you can be whatever you want when you wear something from the shop. The clothes are comfy and stylish, and although the stock changes frequently, this store always manages to have the items we simply cannot live without.

The Thrill of the Hunt

Finding the perfect gift, the softest sweater, or the funkiest piece of art gives you, the hunter, a thrill that will best be enjoyed in the comfort of our Winter Park Escapes serene sanctuaries. Reserve your stay with us today!