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The joys of vacation life come in many forms: Those moments when you have reached the peak of a mountain and are about to schuss down the slopes but take a quick peek at your surroundings; the thrill of discovering a masterpiece created by an artist you have never heard of, but the work is so beautiful and in your budget so you know you are going to be bringing it home; and the wonders associated with that first bite of a dish you have never tried before in a restaurant that is specific to the area you are visiting. All of these things combine to make your vacation dreams come true, and when you visit Winter Park, the meals discovered at these local top five best places to eat in Winter Park are guaranteed to increase your joy!

Wake n’ Bacon, 78415 US Highway 40

Breakfast has always been our favorite meal, even when we are only enjoying a piece of cold leftover pizza in the morning, but even if you have never understood the appeal of eating when you are barely awake, a visit to Wake n’ Bacon will change everything! Open every day of the week for breakfast and lunch, (breakfast is on the menu all day) this homage to sunrise is a delicious awakening, offering breakfast pot pies and French toast, biscuits and gravy, pork belly bennies, and a sweet starter for every meal, table bacon! This morning appeteaser offers three different types of bacon to be shared with your dining companions, and let us tell you, life just doesn’t get much more civilized than this!

Carver’s Bakery Café, 78336 US Highway 40

Yum is the word when you find yourself stepping inside Carver’s Bakery Café for a hearty breakfast or a filling lunch. Offering the bread of the day, varying between multigrain, sourdough, ciabatta, white, wheat, swirl, and rye, homemade cinnamon rolls that will change your life, and a menu of sandos, soups, and breakfast delights, we can promise that every bite you take will be your favorite. Their breakfast burritos are stuffed full of the tastiest ingredients including eggs, jalapeños, and your choice of meat, and their soups are hearty and savory and could have come from your grandma’s kitchen! Try their organic savory butternut bisque just once and it will be your new obsession at one of the top restaurants in Winter Park.

Doc’s Roadhouse, 201 Winter Park Drive

Have you ever noticed that the best tasting meals tend to come from the simplest of restaurants? No white table cloths, no walls filled with dust catching antiques, no live plants needing care and attention. The décor is simple, and the focus is on the food, something you will immediately notice when you walk in the door belonging to Doc’s Roadhouse. Serving simple, hearty meals that bring comfort to all who dine with them, we can honestly say there isn’t a dish they make that we do not recommend! Spicy chili warms the cockles of your soul, his upside down barbecue meatloaf brings a sense of well-being, and his Sinful Seven dessert made with chocolate cake, white chocolate filling, and raspberry drizzle will make you reevaluate your life’s choices, particularly the ones that involve dessert!

Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant, 78737 US Highway 40 #1000

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and only open for dinner the rest of the time, Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant is where you go when your drinks should be as important as the food you are about to eat. The food menu is small and simple, but tasteful all the same, offering charcuterie boards, burgers, and fresh salads made from locally sourced vegetables, and although there are no fancy seafoam soups or escargot small plates, the care Idlewild puts into preparing the burgers, ribs, and desserts (Idlewild Golden Rum Cake is one treat you should definitely save room for!) will ensure that you do not leave unhappy. Of course, with the large cocktail menu the chances of you being unhappy are slim and none. Try the Dreamsicle and take a step back into your childhood; the drink tastes exactly like the dreamsicles of your youth, except Idlewild makes it out of alcohol.

Fontenot’s Fresh Seafood  & Grill, 78336 US Highway 40

It’s true, our mountain town is not all that close to the sea, but somehow Fontenot’s has managed to serve seafood dishes that taste like the chef just walked out back, dropped a line, basket, or net into the ocean and created meals from his fresh catch! Adding Fontenot’s Fresh Seafood & Grill to your vacation bucket list will be the tastiest decision you make, and as you choose between seafood or pasta, (no need to choose if you decide on the clam linguini) steak or chicken, and remember to save room for their Double Chocolate Brownie, your evening of yum will certainly be the most memorable one in recent history.

Leftovers Are Welcome

The fully equipped kitchen of your Winter Park Escapes property has a refrigerator large enough to hold all your leftovers, making it easier to save room for dessert. Reserve your stay with us today!