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Colorado may be known for a certain big-name beer served cold as the mountain range our state is famous for, but beer has come a long way. Today, the beverage that has always been a favorite of blue-collar workers has reached new heights in popularity, and when your journey brings you to Winter Park, your visit won’t be complete without a stop in any or all of these top 5 local Winter Park breweries. Serving the frothy beverage that tastes good with any meal, (or no meal at all) we can’t wait for you to experience the deliciousness that is served inside!

Fraser River Beer Company, 218 Eisenhower Drive in Fraser

The first brewery on our list is located just outside the boundaries of Winter Park in gorgeous Fraser, but we don’t hold its location against it. The Fraser River Beer Company is a dream come true for its owners and will live on in your dreams long after you have returned to your real life! Offering a generous selection of locally brewed beverages, please don’t ask us to choose a favorite, because we truly love every sip we take in this sweet spot. Featuring their Colorado Style IPA, Alpen Glow Ale, and the tasty Stiffler’s Mom Honey Blonde, the humor in the names chosen does not take away from the deliciousness of their drinks!

Camber Brewing Company, 365 Zerex Street

Number four on our list of breweries in Winter Park, Camber Brewing Company is new to the area, opening just a few years ago, but the owner and head brewer has been following his dream of creating the perfect beer for way more than a decade! Their Tap List includes tasty favorites such as a Raspberry Ripper Chocolate Cake Stout, a Pow Pow Pale Ale, and an Icebox Hard Seltzer that comes in Watermelon, Blood Orange, and Mojito flavors. Occasionally they will have guest stars from other Colorado breweries, and right now the Solange Belgian Blonde Ale from Bruz Beers in Denver is winning rave reviews! Grab a few to-go beers to enjoy in the comforts of your Winter Park Escapes vacation sanctuary and forego the need for a designated driver.

Hideaway Park Brewery, 78927 US-40

Hideaway Park, the actual park, is a hot spot for kids and adults at play, but Hideaway Park Brewery is one of our favorite places to get a cold beer and hang with our friends. Offering about 11 different beers on tap that change with the seasons, the brews are refreshing and interesting. Sample their Remy Dog, a pale ale with 5% ABV, or sip their Humulus Experimental IPA with 5.9% ABV and try to determine once and for all which brew makes your heart skip a beat. Personally, this week our favorite is their Dubbel or Nothing, but that could change with the addition of next week’s new flavors!

Big Trout Brewing Company, 50 Vasquez Road

The science of brewing is very exciting, especially to the beer “nerds” who run Big Trout Brewing Company, and as each new advance they create or discover is utilized in their brewing process, the end results are tastier than we ever thought a beer could be! Sip your way through a menu of craft beers that actually help the environment; the process used at one of the best Winter Park breweries reduces water waste, saving our most precious resource. Offering everything from their Amber Lager with 5.2% ABV to their substantial Zonker Nut Brown with a 5% ABV, drinking your way through this menu may become your newest obsession. Also offering a small food menu filled with appetizers, salads, and sammies, Big Trout Brewing Company pays attention to the most delicious of details!

Idlewild Spirits Brewpub, 78737 US-40

Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant offers a slightly different take, as they are a distillery that serves up delicious spirits that they make themselves! You’ll find a cozy dining room serving up craft cocktails with their own creations as well as seasonal New American eats. Idlewild Spirits have really taken off in recent years, so be sure to give them a visit!

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