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Online Resources for At-Home Entertainment

Whether you’re a traveler with a heart for downhill adventures, or a visitor that savors every moment tucked away in scenic mountain landscapes, a trip to Winter Park, Colorado is bound to please. This year-round destination is known and loved for its many trails that are ideal for skiing, hiking, biking and beyond. From rest and relaxation to adrenaline-pumping fun, Winter Park has long been a place where the great outdoors comes to life on a larger-than-imaginable scale. While COVID-19 has put Winter Park on lockdown, that doesn’t mean those who love this destination can’t connect with it through these unprecedented times. The following are a few online resources that aren’t only great for at-home entertainment but will also keep you close to Winter Park until you can travel here again.

At-Home Entertainment with Virtual Yoga Classes

The many outdoor activities available in Winter Park are often closely sought out in the name of fun as well as health. When you’re sticking close to home, but hoping for some of that Winter Park-based inspiration, tune into the virtual yoga classes being hosted online every Friday by Winter Park Wellness Center through their official Facebook page. Yoga is a great way to find your physical and mental balance in uncertain times while gathering together online keeps the Winter Park and outside Community connected too.

Grand County Higher Education Online Courses

Learning something new or getting a refresher on skills that may have gone stagnant over time is a wonderful way to keep the brain sharp and engaged during the quarantine. To that end, the Grand County Higher Education group is offering free online classes to the general public throughout April that are designed to be engaging and useful in a remote-working world. With topics ranging from effective internet searches to creating Google docs, these learning opportunities are as enjoyable as they are effective.

YMCA of the Rockies Resources

Collaboration is key to making the most of the quarantine. In light of this, the team at the YMCA of the Rockies has partnered with staff at the Estes Park Center to create a lineup of virtual programs to keep everyone engaged and excited about nature and wellness from the comfort of their homes. Online classes, talks, and How-To videos will give participants a chance to learn and grow together. Enjoy everything from how to make your own compost and bird feeder classes to live musical performances. Flower Fridays are a wonderful opportunity to learn about the wildflowers that cover Winter Park terrain and how to identify them.

Colorado is Waiting For You

It’s not easy to stay indoors, but at Winter Park Escapes, we’re committed to doing our part to make sure you and your fellow travelers can get back to the mountains sooner rather than later. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with inquiries regarding future travel plans and at-home entertainment. Stay safe and healthy and we’ll see you in Colorado soon.