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When talking about skiing in Colorado, Winter Park takes front and center in any ski conversation. That’s because it’s the longest operating ski resort in the state. That’s right, for the past 75 years, skiers have been flocking to these slopes with a sparkle in their eyes and adventure in their blood. And the reasons are numerous. The snowfall around here is always at a record high. The trails are long and scenic. And the area is astounding with its natural beauty. So if you’re looking for things to do in Colorado this weekend, then consider planning a Winter Park ski journey, buckle up; this is going to be fun!

Winter Park Territory

If you happen to be new to skiing and still haven’t found your ski legs yet, this is the place to start. It is both the easiest and most widely visited part of the resort. The trails are simples and the rides easy. You won’t feel embarrassed falling on your face so often, because nobody will notice, what with the powdery snow that breaks your fall and the fact that most other skiers are doing the same. But once you’ve learned to stay on both feet you can keep skiing; the trails progress in difficulty, and by the time you graduate, you can start your Winter Park ski journey.

Vasquez Ridge

Of course, not every skier who hits the slopes is a total beginner. Some have been at it for years and would like a bit of a challenge, or a lot of it for that matter. And for those thrill seekers looking for things to do in Colorado this weekend, Vasquez Ridge is the slope to try out. It’s remote enough to increase the sense of adventure and also has a lot of untouched powder snow. Because of its remoteness and difficulty, not many skiers venture there, which makes it perfect for advanced skiers. It’s definitely a great place to have your Winter Park ski journey!

Parsenn Bowl

What makes Parsenn Bowl special is simply the elevation. At 12,000 feet up in the air, everything looks and feels different—even the air smells different. The air gets thin so high up, that’s for sure. Six chairlifts are what it will take to get you to this elevated summit. But once you’re here, you have an unobstructed 360 view of the stunning landscape. Take a moment to admire this amazing sight before you head back to the bottom. You don’t need to be a skilled skier to try this one out.

Book a Stay to Start Your Winter Park Ski Journey

Your Winter Park ski journey is full of adventure and fun, but make sure to book a stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals first! Contact us for more information about the attraction the area has for the avid skier. Stay at one of our incredible New Year’s rentals in Winter Park!