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It is often said that people who forget their past are doomed to repeat their mistakes in the future. Lucky for us, we have all these museums and history books to keep us informed about the terrible mistakes our predecessors made in the past so that we don’t have to make them again! If we forget about the horrors of slavery, we might become complacent about racism and so on. So if you’re a Winter Park history buff, then there’s plenty of historical tours to take you back in time and loads of museums to educate you about the ingenious ways the early settlers learned to tame the wild frontiers and prevail over an unforgiving nature. 

Moffat Road Railroad Museum

We all have played with our toy choo-choo as children. And many of us have had a secret wish to be a locomotive driver when we grew up. They were simpler times back then. But there’s something about trains that still fascinates people of all ages and backgrounds, which is why Moffat Road Railroad Museum next to the Kaibab Park ball fields in Granby attracts visitors and locals alike. Here you can see a 1915 passenger car, a railroad hand-cart shed from around that time, and a red UP caboose. It’s definitely a must see for Winter Park history buffs!

Cozens Ranch Museum and Gift Shop

When the Fraser Valley first found its place on the map, it was thanks to a lonely ranch that was set up along the Fraser River. This pioneer ranch later became the Cozens Ranch Museum. And you can visit it today to find out how life was like in 1876 when the early settlers unhitched their wagons in this same spot. The museum is open between Wednesday and Saturday of every week between 10 am to 4 pm. There’s also a gift shop where you can pick some cool gifts to show folks back home. The Cozens Ranch Museum is also a definite must see for Winter Park, Colorado history buffs.

Heritage Park Museum

When we talk about history, we can’t forget about the MacElroy Livery Barn, the Ritschard family fishing cabin, a 1915 Forest Service ranger station, or the Hermitage Ranch House. All of these pieces of our heritage can be found in the Heritage Park Museum. Open only on Fridays and Saturday between 10 am and 4 pm, it’s a unique opportunity to see what life was like in Grand County.

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Stroll back in time and get a taste of the life of early ranchers and how trains used to be easy targets for robbers in the wild west. Get in touch with us today from more historical tours and to learn about our great vacation rentals in Winter Park.