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One of the secrets frequent travelers have learned over the years is that there are many benefits to traveling during the off-season months! Crowds are limited, prices are lower, and in the case of a Winter Park trip, some of the more popular activities are still “in season!” When your off-season journey brings you to Colorado in the spring, the promise of fun is one that will be kept when you follow this guide to seasonal adventures in our hometown paradise.

Day 1: Walk on the Wild Side

Humans aren’t the only creatures who make Winter Park their home, and when the days start to grow longer and the mercury begins to rise, the birds that have spent their winters in warmer spots make their way back home. Grab your binoculars and add your favorite birdwatching app to your phone and head out to the countryside for a few hours of hiking and wildlife spotting. And if the birds haven’t come home to roost yet, your day won’t be a complete loss as you get a little exercise and just enjoy the up close and personal views of the Winter Park landscape!

Day 2: Catch the Last of the Ski Season

Yes, skiing is traditionally a winter sport, but the season generally lasts until the beginning of May, allowing visitors to enjoy the slopes long after the crowds have left. Winter Park Resort’s predicted closing day is May 4 in 2021, so pack up your goggles, boots, and skis and head to the mountain top for a day of schussing and jibbing on your Winter Park getaway.

Day 3: Examine the Masterpieces

Have you ever noticed that the most beautiful areas in the world often attract the most talented artists? Winter Park is home to some of the world’s most talented, and if you don’t take some time to explore their works, you won’t be able to consider your getaway a complete success! Take a day to visit the art galleries that dot the landscape, and if you find something that really catches your eye but is too big to carry home, most galleries offer shipping!

Day 4: A Different Kind of Spring Break

Spring Break in your college days was a rowdy time spent partying with friends old and new, and although you are older and more sedate now, that doesn’t mean your party days are over; it just means you can afford better alcohol when you visit Ullrs Tavern for a night of spring celebration during your Winter Park trip! Located at 78415 US-40, this local hot spot offers live entertainment, hot food, and cool drinks; the pool tables and friendly bar staff make this place practically perfect!

Day 5: We Hate to Say Goodbye

All good times must come to an end, but whether you are staying three days or seven, it’s important to spend some of those hours enjoying the comfort and amenities found in our Winter Park Escapes spring sanctuaries. Reserve yours today!