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When a member of your family is a furry, four-legged one with unlimited love for adventure, then your plans for a vacation should most definitely include them. Winter Park dog friendly lodging It just defies logic to go on vacation leaving your dog behind. For one thing, the vacation won’t feel the same without Fido. Also, your dog won’t forgive you. They know you’re going on a vacation, they just know it with their dog sixth sense, and they’ll keep giving you “those” looks. So, you need to plan your vacation around your pet.

The vacation rental should allow pets and the destination itself should have plenty of attractions that either let dogs in or are geared toward giving dogs the time of their lives. Luckily, Winter Park satisfies all these conditions. Our properties welcome dogs and the attractions around here enjoy having your furry friend with you.

Dining Out with the ENTIRE Family

Our pets are the most loyal of companions, giving us unconditional love at all times, and your Winter Park vacation in our pet-friendly homes is the perfect time to show them how much they mean to you! Take your darling Lulu to breakfast at Goody’s Mountain Creperie; pets are welcome on their patio, and their Omelet Supreme, made from three large eggs with your choice of three ingredients to add to the egg dish, is large enough to share with your hungry pooch. When lunchtime hits, take a break from your hike and head to Randi’s Grill & Pub for a sandwich and a cold beer. Also offering a pet-friendly patio to dine at and located at 78521 US-40, their Irish nachos are loaded with delicious ingredients such as house braised corned beef brisket, kettle chips, Guinness cheese sauce, house-made sauerkraut, green onions, and thousand island dressing. It may be a little rich for you pooch, but it will go down smoothly with an ice-cold beer!

Finally, a short drive to Georgetown will bring you to The Alpine Restaurant & Bar for another pup-friendly dining experience! Enjoy a slice of their regionally famous South of the Border Pizza created with chipotle aioli, hatch green chilies, fresh tomato, onion, chicken, and mozzarella or, if you want to share with Zoe the pitty, their Alpine Club Sandwich is piled high with delicious ingredients that will not upset a dog’s sensitive stomach. Made with turkey, bacon, ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli, and served on homemade parmesan aioli bun, it is the perfect sandwich for sharing; the beer you drink will be all yours, though. Just ask for a bowl of water if your fur child gives you those puppy dog eyes while watching you drink your own beverage!

Hot Air Balloon Rides

This is one great experience that everyone in your family will enjoy, especially the four-legged one. As the balloon soars in the sky, the whole scene opens up in front of your eyes. Winter Park and Fraser Valley stretch under you like a multi-colored quilt. This spectacular view is how birds start their day every morning. You pass over the Continental Divide and come within kissing distance of the mountain peaks in the area. The lakes stretch serene and the rivers flow noiselessly beneath you. And while you’re up there, try to spot the wildlife making their way between the trees below. And if you get close enough to a pine tree, you can easily reach out and pick a pine cone.

Biking with Your Bichon Frise 

Another fun family-friendly activity is biking along the Fraser River Trail in nearby Granby. Rent a bike with a basket for Benji to ride in comfortably. Paved for easy biking, this trail goes through some of the most beautiful country Colorado has to offer. Epic Mountain Sports, 78941 US-40, and Winter Park Resort Rentals, 150 Alpenglow Way, both offer bike rental services. If you decide to hike along this breathtaking trail, be sure to keep your baby leashed for his safety and for the safety of the wildlife that make their homes in this protected area. Home to moose, beaver, deer, and coyotes, these animals are more afraid of you than you are of them, but there is no predicting their behavior should your unleashed fur baby go on the attack.

Scenic Drives

One thing about Winter Park is that there’s so much beauty around you, you just can’t get enough of it. A common practice here is to pack your family and your dog into the car and go on a scenic drive. There are many roads you can take, and each offers a different type of natural beauty. Trail Ridge Road is one of those roads that you just can’t miss. If you only had one day left in your vacation and you wanted to take a drive, pick this one. And have your camera ready, because you will be snapping great pictures along the way. Also, keep an eye out for sightings of elk, moose, and bear.

Corona Pass is another road that takes you up to the Continental Divide through a 15-mile dirt road. From there you go down Highway 40 until you see the sign for Corona Pass. The road is full of hazards though due to loose rocks. Other scenic drives you can take include Ute Pass, Willow Creek Pass, Stillwater Pass, Church’s Park Road, and many others.

Having a vacation with your family, your whole family including your dog, is the best way to enjoy Winter Park. Many of our properties welcome dogs. Call us today to learn more about your great offers.