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Winter Park vacation

Enjoy a Winter Park Vacation While Working Remote

In years past, work-life and time set aside to spend enjoying a vacation were considered entirely separate. With 2020 came new expectations surrounding work and life balance. As employees were quickly moved from traditional offices into working from home, the rush to create makeshift spaces to be productive, combined with online schooling made it easy to feel that standard schedules had drifted into chaos.

While it’s true that the shift to remote working has come with a long list of hurdles and questions, it also comes with a few perks that shouldn’t be overlooked. When it’s possible to work from home, it’s also possible to work from other destinations. In the spirit of keeping vacations alive and well in the age of COVID-19, the team at Winter Park Escapes is inviting travelers to make their way to Colorado with their laptops in tow. Here, remote employees can enjoy a dual work and play adventure on their Winter Park vacation that’s sure to be one of a kind!

A Colorado Backdrop for Work and Play

Winter Park is an oasis of fun for travelers with a heart for outdoor adventure, but for those that are looking to work while traveling, it’s also a place that offers up much in the way of efficiency and inspiration. Take time to enjoy working while set up in a vacation rental that includes a fantastic view for extra motivation. When you’re needing to put the finishing touches on assignments and projects or have a few video calls on the agenda, our properties in this pristine setting also include access to high-speed internet and Wi-Fi as well as large flat-screen televisions. Settle in with tasteful furnishings, fully equipped kitchens, and plenty of open-concept living space well equipped to welcome the solo traveler just as readily as traveling families.

Make it a Luxurious Getaway Experience On Your Winter Park Vacation

While the technology and comfort make our rentals wonderful options for remote work, the luxurious extras that can be included give your stay an added touch of indulgence and fun. Be sure to inquire about our Winter Park rentals that also provide access to private hot tubs for relaxing moments, vaulted ceilings for an added sense of space, or those that include cozy fireplaces for warm touches of enjoyment in the evenings.

Making the Most of Winter Park

Guests are often surprised at how enjoyable remote working can be when you find yourself in a place that speaks to adventure and thrills. When the workday is done, get out and enjoy your surroundings by spending time adventuring on the trails by mountain bike or making the most of incredible fly fishing options in nearby streams, rivers, and lakes. Winter Park is an oasis of adventure for downhill enthusiasts in the winter months but caters just as well to those who love wildlife spotting along the many hiking paths in the summer.

Savor the Remainder of 2020

It may have come with its fair share of unexpected twists and turns, but there’s still beauty to be found within the new normal that 2020 has created for us all. When you’re ready to turn remote working into a one of a kind travel adventure too, be sure to reach out to Winter Park Escapes today to begin planning your trip to Colorado.