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A visit to the Cozens Ranch House Museum in Winter Park is akin to taking a step back in time. It is a history-rich establishment dating from 1874. Back in the days of stagecoach travel, this ranch served as a valuable stopover for travelers to rest and have a meal before embarking on their journey. Colorado has a lot more to offer than just skiing. Put on your walking shoes and get ready for a museum adventure like never before.  

Cozens Ranch House Museum in Winter Park

America is a land of history. Unfortunately, not every piece of history is inscribed in the curriculum. Sometimes going out there for firsthand exploration is the best way for you to grasp a wide range of information. The museum is essentially the first homestead of the Fraser Valley. It allows you to see and feel what life was like for the early pioneers of Colorado. The museum has been restored to its early days. Inside the two-story structure are photographs of the Cozens family, depicting what the 19th century felt like. The numerous ancient items in the museum are an excellent way to get lost back in time.  

When to Visit

Cozens Ranch House Museum is an all-year-round site except for specific days. Whether it is summer or winter, any season is museum season. During the summer, the site is open seven days a week. Admission hours in summer are between 10 am and 4 pm. Six hours is enough time for you to explore what the ranch has to offer. During the winter seasons, the museum is open from Thursday through Monday and closes on Tuesday and Wednesday. The admission fees are constant for both seasons. Seniors pay $7, adults $8, and children of ages 6-17 pay $5. Children under 5 years access the ranch for free.  

Nearby Attractions

Fraser Valley has more to offer than just the museum. Not far from the museum are thick forest covers that offer fresh air into the establishment. When done with the museum, stroll along the forest as part of the Colorado adventure. Also, you cannot afford to visit Winter Park and miss out on skiing activities. Being the hotbed of Colorado’s skiing activities, it is only fair for you to get involved. Within the surrounding are several restaurants serving a wide range of American delicacies. Go on a Winter Park food adventure. You will love it. 

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Winter Park is quite an interesting place to visit. After a day of pure ancient vibes, you will need a good place to rest and prepare for another day’s activities. Reserve your space in any of our holiday rentals in Winter Park. Contact us for more information.