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Property Management Services

Vacation rentals are fast becoming the hottest investment option available, and as rental homes are estimated to bring in nearly $114 billion by the year 2027, it is highly likely you are considering throwing your hat into the ring yourself! Purchasing a vacation rental property is a big investment, and other than knowing that you want to advertise on one of the biggest vacation rental websites (Airbnb), you may be feeling a little worried about how little you do know about the process. If your real estate journey bringing you to Winter Park for your first big step, we at Winter Park Escapes can help you figure out everything you need to know! This guide to our Airbnb Winter Park Management will help give you a gentle nudge in the right direction for this next stage of your investment process.

Experience Matters

For over 15 years, Winter Park Escapes has been the luxury property management company that investors with which investors want to partner. We are a part of the homeowner’s journey from the initial design stages to the final (and often dreaded) tax stages at the end of every year. When advertising your home on Airbnb, we do take part in the booking services of Airbnb, but our own state-of-the-art reservation management system is equally easy to manage, and there are no booking fees involved. The pictures used on Airbnb are important, and we have learned over the years that the clearer the pictures, the more likely guests are going to click that book now button, so we use the good equipment and do not charge our homeowners for the HD pictures and drone videos we include on our advertising websites. We offer personalized housekeeping and maintenance services at a 50% discount, cover the cost of supplies, and ensure that you will not have a lot of different people tromping through your property (aside from guests, of course), but will have an assigned team to keep the place clean and sanitized between guests and to keep all the appliances and equipment running exactly as it should. We also cover the cost of minor maintenance and repairs, and if there is something that requires a larger expense, we work with you all the way, ensuring there are no surprise bills in our monthly statement! Because this is a big investment, we also offer $3000 additional property protection, just in case; we vet all guests and use technology that helps to avoid excess damage or loss of property, but accidents do happen, and the peace of mind this extra protection offers is worth it.

No Extra Fees

Some Airbnb management companies will nickel and dime you to death, charging for supplies, bookings, even fees for driving by the property during off times to ensure that it is in good condition, but Winter Park Escapes is not one of those companies. At the start, we give you a list of all the little extra expenses we cover, including photography, linens, and minor maintenance and repairs, as well as others. We do not charge setup fees and are happy to assist you in preparing the property for guests, and because we understand the importance of keeping your house clean and in tip top condition, our annual spring cleaning comes at no extra cost to you. Our commissions are low, saving you money and helping you earn that maximum ROI (return on investment), and we study the market using a rate optimization software that ensures you don’t charge too much and scare away potential guests, or too little, which is basically the same thing as taking money out of your pocket and throwing it off the mountaintops that surround your Winter Park property!

The Personal Touch

Guests want more than comfortable beds and luxury amenities, and Winter Park Escapes property management services give them, and you, exactly what is wanted! Offering free daily activities that will keep guests happily entertained throughout their stay and a large menu of discounted services guaranteed to please, we think the concierge part of our job is really our favorite! We even offer a free Alexa virtual concierge speaker in all the properties we manage, so if it is the middle of night and your guest is wondering what there is to do tomorrow, all they have to do is ask Alexa!

We Do the Math

Yes, we know math is hard, and we all hate it, but you can leave the hard stuff to us when you choose Winter Park Escapes for your Airbnb Winter Park management needs! We will provide all owners access to our user-friendly portal that offers detailed monthly statements, end of the year tax summaries, and the good part of vacation rental ownership, all the direct deposit transactions! Give us a call today and let’s work together to make your Airbnb vacation rental the most desired property in Winter Park.

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