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Winter Park Resort is famous for having some of the most challenging trails that get experienced skiers’ blood pumping. Between Mary Jane and Vasquez Ridge, they certainly have some bumpy runs to get excited about. But the other side of the mountain, the Winter Park side, is a whole different story. Here, beginners can enjoy green runs and the Winter Park Ski School to practice their skills on. In fact, about one-third of all the trails on this side are labeled as beginner runs. This gives you plenty of things to do in Winter Park CO to choose from. Just train your eyes to the right side of the mountain. All the trails between Gemini Express and High Lonesome Express are designated beginner trails.

The Magic Carpet – Things To Do In Winter Park CO

If you’re new to skiing, you need to stick to the green trails to practice and improve your skills. The base area has plenty of those. The surface area lift, fondly named a ‘magic carpet,’ is the place to start. Here the slopes are easy and relatively smooth. Other skiers around you will also be novices, so the risk of you coming in anyone’s way or endangering someone’s life is minimal. You won’t feel embarrassed to flop, flounder, and fall a lot either. Look around you, everyone is doing it. It’s novice land here and everybody is having fun planting their faces in the snow.

Gemini Express

When your falling and snow-eating lessens as your skills gradually improve, this is the time to get cocky. But not too cocky. Take the lift up to see what all those people upstairs are up to. Now you’re getting serious about your skiing habit. Gemini Express is calling for you. You’re still a novice with some skills, and this trail is the right place to make you feel like you’re a daring skier without putting yourself in a serious risk. The runs here are still green and short, but the slope is a bit steeper than down at the magic carpet.

All the Way to the Top

Now that you have a real feel of what slopes are like and your novice days are way behind you (even if they were only a few days back), you’re now confident to go up and up all the way to the top. Take the High Lonesome Express chairlift and enjoy the thrill of ascension. Here, both Whistlestop and Village Way will welcome you to an easy ride all the way down to the village. They’re still green trails, but once you’ve finished your run, you’ll feel like a champ.

Winter Park has green trails and the Winter Park Ski School for beginners and novices. From the base to the top of the mountains, there are plenty of easy runs for all skill levels. Get in touch with us today to plan your next vacation and book your vacation home.