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The best time to visit Winter Park is the next time you plan a Winter Park trip. That’s because Winter Park is the place to visit any time of year! Whether it’s summer or winter or any season in between, this place exudes beauty and charm all year round. That said, the kind of activities you can enjoy here depend on the time of year. If it’s skiing you’re after, then winter in Winter Park won’t let you down. Between the carnivals and skiing and snowmobiling sports, there’s a lot to enjoy and get fresh snow on your face and hair. And come summer, it’s a whole different world full of fun and entertainment.

Winter Carnivals – Visit Winter Park

While it’s true that Winter Park is the destination for all seasons, each season brings out a different side of the place and its charms that you don’t see during the other seasons. And if you thought that winter was the season to be indoors, a Winter Park trip will convince you otherwise. The chilly season brings with it cold temperatures, fresh snowfall, and also the Winter Carnival. Held on the third week of January, this event is packed with parades, fireworks, and of course, all the skiing and snow activities you can handle. And we can’t forget about Christmas. Not only is it a white Christmas here, but it’s also dazzling.

Summer for Hiking, Biking, and Wildlife

Between seasons as the weather tends to shift, Winter Park takes a break as it prepares for the next season. As the weather gets warmer after the end of winter, rain falls heavily. But come June and July, and the sun is bright, nature is lush green, and the trails are ready for you. Bust out your bike and hit those mountain trails for an exhilarating experience. Hiking is also available where you can watch the wonderful wildlife in their natural habitat. But if it’s whitewater rafting you seek, our rivers won’t disappoint you.

Festive Fall

Towards the end of summer, it becomes rainy again, which signals the end of the season. But with September, nature is ready for the fall. The people get ready to celebrate festivals, hold farmers’ markets, and go out and enjoy the trails before winter arrives. This is a lively time to get a taste of the small-town charm and feel right at home among the friendly locals.

If you avoid the rainy months during the spring and in August, then Winter Park is a welcoming place for your vacation. Call us today and let our helpful staff plan your next vacation for you.