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Sometimes the simpler things in life add the brightest sparkle to our days, but real life gets in the way, keeping us from doing the things that make us happiest. A nap on a lazy Saturday is an enjoyable experience, but the kids’ ball games may interfere. A night out on the town keeps us young and takes our mind off work but having to get up early in the morning is a big deterrence. A long brunch on a weekend day surrounded by our friends and family is always a treat, but who has the time to wait in lines in real life? Your getaway to Colorado isn’t just about seeing new things and exploring new places, it is about taking time to do the things that make your soul happy, and this guide to our top 5 Winter Park brunch places will help bring that delicious meal back into your life!

Wake N’ Bacon, 78415 US-40 #200e in Winter Park

First of all, let us preface this article with the realization that brunch isn’t just a meal, it is a state of mind, and if the restaurants we are talking about don’t specifically serve “brunch,” it is ok. Spending the time with your friends or family eating a big breakfast at a time you would normally consider brunch time works perfectly well and brings us to Wake n’ Bacon, one of our favorite breakfast and lunch spots in Winter Park! Offering an all-day breakfast menu means you can enjoy your table bacon and My! Pot Pie at any time during normal business hours. What is a My! Pot Pie, you ask? It is a puff pastry created with Southern style gravy, hash browns, sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese, and a delicious egg served any way you like it! In other words, the My! Pot Pie is a taste of heaven that will become your new obsession.

Sharky’s Eatery, 221 Doc Susie Avenue in Fraser

The pandemic has altered the menu of Sharky’s, forcing them to serve a far more limited selection than normal, but we can promise that every meal that made the cut is more than worth a visit! Offering the best brunch Winter Park has with classic breakfast dishes that are anything but ordinary, the chicken fried steak and eggs will fill you up fast, the huevos rancheros will add a spicy sauce to your soul, and their blueberry pancakes are just about as perfect a plate we have ever come across! Add bacon or sausage and you have a sweet feast that will start your day out right.

Fat Cat Café, 185 E Agate Avenue in Granby

Charming and sweet, guests feel like family when enjoying the hearty meals served at the Fat Cat Café, including traditional favorites such as Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagels, Biscuits and Gravy, and a spicy dish they call Southwest Chicken Delight. Made with home fries topped with marinated chicken breast sliced into bitable pieces, their amazing house made green chile, a blend of cheeses, scrambled eggs, and a warm tortilla, there is nothing we don’t absolute obsess over with this creative dish!

Randi’s Grill & Pub, 78521 US-40 in Winter Park

The best part about eating Winter Park brunch at this restaurant (besides the absolutely delicious food) is knowing that you don’t have to wait until the weekend to enjoy classic dishes that include benedicts, Belgian waffles, and biscuits and sausage gravy. Open every day of the week and serving breakfast/brunch from 8 until 11, every bite you take will be your favorite, especially if you start your day with their cinnamon bun pancakes, created with two cinnamon pancakes topped with house-made cream cheese frosting. If you need a little more sustenance before beginning a day of Winter Park adventures, try their Hungry Irishman; made with two eggs, sausage patties, sausage gravy, and Irish cheddar cheese served over a fresh and flaky biscuit with crispy home fries, if you are hungry after eating this huge meal, the cinnamon bun pancakes can be your dessert!

Fontenot’s Seafood & Grill, 78336 US-40 in Winter Park

Fontenot’s is not normally known for its breakfast delights, but on the weekends all bets are off! It is time to hunker down and start devouring some of the best brunch and breakfast foods you have ever tasted, and because they start serving at 9 and stop at 3, you have many, many hours to eat like a king. Mimosas are our favorite part of any brunch, and Fontenot’s are absolutely the best we have tasted. Yes, there are really only two ingredients needed to make a mimosa, but there is something special about the ones this unique seafood restaurant serves. Although everything they offer is absolutely incredible, their Daylight in the Swamp dish never fails to amaze us! Made with chicken and shrimp gumbo served over home fries and topped with eggs and toast, the combination of ingredients works together to create an explosion of flavors your mouth will cherish forever. Don’t forget to order their bread pudding beignets topped with a Myer’s rum sauce for a life-changing treat!

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