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Winter Park is a year-round vacation destination. But you don’t have to spend the whole year here to enjoy everything our town has to offer. In fact, as few as three days or a weekend getaways in Colorado can cover a lot of activities and attractions in the area. All you need is good planning and some of the ideas below!

Day 1

Start the day with a train ride. Colorado has some of the most authentic train rides that you can find. Head over to Berthoud Pass which is about 45 minutes from Winter Park. This is where the famous Georgetown Loop Railroad is located. As you can tell, it will take you in a circular ride that ends where it started, but the ride is something else; it’s a ride back in history as well as a ride along a scenic route that you wouldn’t normally be able to appreciate either hiking or even using a hot air balloon. You’ll see the Rocky Mountains in all their rugged beauty, plunge down Clear Creek Canyon, and visit a few old gold and silver mines along the way. Keep your camera ready for the photo ops.

Time to Eat

After a day of hiking and playing outside, visitors are guaranteed to work up quite an appetite. Idlewild Spirits Brewpub and Restaurant has the meals you needed to fill the empty spots in your stomach. Open for takeout at the moment due to COVID, their menu offers your favorite comfort foods, including the classic Swiss mushroom burger created with local beef, mushrooms, creamy Swiss cheese, and charcuterie sauce in between a brioche bun. When your sweet tooth starts to make itself known, Idlewild’s dessert menu always hits the spot, especially their Golden Rum Cake! Made with pound cake topped with a golden rum glaze, strawberries, and house-made whipped cream, every bite is a taste of heaven, but if chocolate is more your style, you have to try the fudge brownie topped with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and more of their yummy house-made whipped cream!

Before You Start Your Adventures on Day 2

Today’s adventures are guaranteed to take a lot of strength, so before you begin, be sure to build up your energy levels with a visit to Wake n’ Bacon, 78415 US-40 #200e, for a filling breakfast! Offering everything bacon as you might expect, its breakfast menu has a large selection with something that will appeal to everyone in your family. They even offer starters for your breakfast that include Table Bacon (three different types of bacon), Pancake Bacon Dippers, and our personal favorite, Candied Eggs. These deviled eggs are created with a sweet and spicy twist, topped with candied bacon and maple drizzle; you may never be able to enjoy a standard deviled egg again! For a hot and hearty breakfast that will feed your soul and warm you from the inside out, however, you can not go wrong when you try Mama B’s Fried Chicken, made with deep-fried battered chicken, and topped with two eggs and southern style gravy; your doctor may not be too happy with you, but it is just one meal, and you can always hike a little longer to make up for the extra calories!

Day 2

Speaking of hot air balloons, spend this day riding the skies. It’s true the train will take you through some amazing landscapes, but a hot air balloon ride will make you soar and get the stunning views that only an eagle sees. Hot air balloon rides are available all year round. As you climb up, the Continental Divide opens up in front of you. Then you peak over the Rocky Mountain and beyond. Lakes stretch under you, placid and wise, rivers snake their way through the valley, and the lush canopy of the woodland blankets the landscape with all shades of green. Unless you’re a seasoned mountain climber, this might be the only way you can get to the top of the Rocky Mountains.

Reflections of the Past 3 Days

You may want to spend your last night in town reflecting on the good times you have had over the last three days while sipping your favorite beverage at the Winter Park Pub. Located at 78260 U.S. 40 and offering a laid-back spot to hang out with your traveling companions, there will often be live music to enjoy as well. This spot isn’t fancy, but you will feel welcomed when you walk in the door, and it is the perfect place to bid farewell to Winter Park at the end of your stay!

Colorado Vacation Packages

Still exploring the outdoors and the panoramic views of Winter Park, today you can go on a scenic drive. At the top of the list is Trail Ridge Road. This is a must-see route that gives you an exceptional view of the Rockies. It takes you through Rocky Mountain National Park and crosses the Continental Divide. Expect to see bears, elk, and moose. Make your way to the Alpine Visitor Center at the top where you can make a stop to have lunch.

Your three-day vacation or weekend getaways in Colorado Winter Park, short as it is, is packed with a lot of fun and outdoor adventure. For more information about other ways to enjoy your vacation, get in touch with us today! Ask us about our wide portfolio of vacation rentals.