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Best of Winter Park

How to See the Best of Winter Park in 3 Days

If this is your first time in Winter Park, you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do. Where to start and what to see? These must be the questions on your mind right now. Well, there are so many activities and attractions in Winter Park that many people need more than one vacation to cover them all. And even though you only have three days to see the city, you can still make the most of it and enjoy some of the best of Winter Park attractions.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a year-round adventure in Winter Park. During the summer months, you can enjoy your passion for climbing rocks on the mountain. But come winter,when the weather gets too cold to climb, you can do indoor climbing. Outdoor rock climbers can enjoy a guided tour that lasts three hours. Here you can enjoy the thrills of the sport and experience some of the challenges that steep cliffs and huge boulders pose for climbers. Indoor climbing in Winter Park features a 33-foot wall that will require you to dig deep and use every ounce of inner strength you have.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

This is a fun sport for the whole family, one of the best of Winter Park. And the best part is, you can enjoy it all year round as well. It takes you up in the air where you get a magnificent view of the Continental Divide, the Rocky Mountain National Park, and countless mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests. As you glide over the treetops you can see wildlife between the trees going about their daily life in peace. The tour ends back on the ground with a glass of champagne.

Train Rides

Another way to enjoy the breathtaking landscape of Winter Park is to go on a train ride. The Georgetown Loop Railroad takes you back in time to when mining was the main industry in these parts. The route cuts across the Rocky Mountains, past Clear Creek Canyon, and along the way you’ll pass some old gold and silver mines.


Just because you have a short vacation in Winter Park,it doesn’t mean you can’t have time for shopping. Shopping is a popular activity for every vacation and Winter Park has a lot of shops, boutiques and art galleries to satisfy all your shopping needs.

Enjoy the Best of Winter Park! 

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