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Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Winter Park is a vacation hotspot renowned for its stunning natural setting and wholesome small-town charm. Here, the locals are friendly and welcoming, and the immense mountains, lush forests, glistening lakes, and nearby Sulphur hot springs provide a range of recreation and relaxation all year long.

Winter Park has a long history as a place for families and vacationers who long to experience the adventure and beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Read on below to learn more about Winter Park and its humble history!

From Family Hideaway to Vacation Destination

Winter Park history began with a family called Graves living in the nearby town of Tabernash. Tabernash was and remains a small mountain community, founded in the early 1900s as an important railroad town. The Graves family moved to Tabernash in 1922 and opened up a drug store. The railroad tracks built over the top of Rollins Pass in 1905 kept business booming for the Graves family and the town of Tabernash, with Tabernash becoming the largest town in Grand County with a population of just under 1,000 people.

Six years after the Graves family moved to Tabernash, the Moffat Tunnel was built, leading the railroad to abandon the Rollins Pass tracks and, consequently, Tabernash. The Graves family then took apart their store and moved it to Fraser before having to escape the path of the proposed Victory Highway (today known as Highway 40). The new highway was poised to cut through the town of Fraser, and directly through the Graves family’s drug store.

So in 1932, the Graves moved once more, purchasing ten acres of land along the western slope of the Continental Divide and naming the area Hideaway Park. The family built ten small tourist cabins at first, primarily rented out by hunters and fishermen, before expanding the number of cabins and building both a service station and a café. In just a matter of a few years, three more businesses sprung up in the village, which doubled in population.

In 1978, Hideaway Park was incorporated, with the city of Denver changing the town’s name to Winter Park. Though much has changed since the town’s founding, Winter Park still retains its small town charm. Winter Park also pays homage to its founders with the town’s main park, Hideaway Park, where you can find a plaque dedicated to the Graves.

Winter Park Escapes – Your Gateway to Adventure

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