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Enjoy bars and more on your list of Winter Park restaurants

Best Summer Outdoor Dining in Winter Park

Winter Park, Colorado, is an outdoorsman’s paradise. With ski slopes, snowboarding trails, hiking paths, kayaking rivers, and lakes for stand-up paddleboarding, there really is something for everyone. Do you want to relax inside on a snowy day? Sit by the fire and watch the snowfall. Would you rather be outside, shredding up the fresh powder? Head outside to the local mountain!

Plus, it doesn’t matter what you are looking for, there are tons of accommodation options to suit your needs. Whether you need a smaller apartment for you and your partner during a romantic weekend or you want a sprawling house for a family reunion, Winter Park has got you covered with these Winter Park restaurants.

Vacation Rentals

Not sure where to book for your holiday that is quickly approaching? Check these luxurious offerings that will make it hard for you to leave your house!

Zephyr Luxury Penthouse

With enough space to house six guests, this three-bedroom and three-bathroom luxury penthouse is great for smaller groups who want to explore the nearby slopes. Featuring 1,500 square feet, luxurious living space, cozy interior, gas fireplace, mountain-focused interior touches, smart TV, family-friendly features, and beds for all your friends or family, we love this place for a weekend escape.
Plus, you are right near the Zephyr Mountain Lodge building, ski slopes, and downtown area for shopping and nightlife!

Arrow Luxury Creekside Townhome

With enough space to fit 10 guests, containing four bedrooms and five bathrooms, this luxury townhome has main views of the nearby mountains and forests! Containing a modern living room with stone detailing, an electric fireplace, plenty of seating, and smart TV, this is the perfect spot to unwind and relax after exploring all day. Located right off the Main Street of Winter Park, this is the ideal spot to base yourself for a day of hiking or skiing.

Outdoor Dining at Winter Park Restaurants

Need a place to grab some grub after hiking? Check out these local favorites.

The Ditch on 40

Featuring Southwestern American cuisine, this restaurant has a great outdoor patio space located right on the main highway out of Winter Park.

Lunch Rock Restaurant & High Craft Bar

In the mood for one of many craft beer options? This place has got you covered, with an outdoor dining patio and tons of rotating taps.

Vertical Bistro & Tap

Right on the ski slope of Winter Park Resort, Vertical Bistro and Tap serves up mouthwatering brie on the outdoor patio.

Winter Park is ideally one of the best places in Colorado — and the United States — to enjoy a winter getaway. Check out Winter Park Escapes to find the perfect vacation home and eat some scrumptious meals at an outdoor dining restaurant!