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For a cozy vacation for two people our 1 bedroom condos in Winter Park will give you the perfect getaway. Whether you’re looking to embark on a romantic vacation or just want to get away from the bustling city with your loved one, we have the right place for you. Even if you’re not really interested in the outdoors attractions and would rather spend the whole vacation in a nice place having quality time with the love of your life, we have great amenities that will keep you entertained inside the whole time. When an escapade in the arms of nature is your dream vacation, Winter Park is the place, and our vacation rentals are the best home away from home when you’re looking to rent a condo in Winter Park, CO.

Luxury You Can Afford

Let’s face it, booking a hotel for your two-person vacation is not the most economical option. Lack of space and the strict rules of hotels will just spoil that romantic vacation you crave. Our 1-bedroom condos have all the luxuries you get in a 5-star hotel but with affordable rates. Fully furnished with style and with more space than a hotel room (you get a key to the condo, not a room on a floor), there’s no denying that our condos are the best option for your 2-person vacation.

No Booking Fees for Our 1 Bedroom Condos in Winter Park

You read that right. We don’t charge any booking fees. You deal with us directly, not a middle man. The rates we offer you are what you end up paying. No secret fees, no hidden charges, and no complex bills that you can’t make head or tail out of. Our booking system is straightforward and easy to navigate. If you encounter any issues, our friendly staff will only be too happy to help you solve any problem. Feel free to contact our customer service any time.

Go Alpine Sliding

We all know that no matter how much you love the place and your vacation partner, you’ll need to go out at some point—at least to get some crisp fresh air to recharge your energy batteries—and one of the best attractions is alpine sliding. First, a chairlift will take you up the mountain, where you can enjoy a breathtaking scene. Then from there you start your journey downhill. You’ll feel thrilled and invigorated by the time you reach the base, which is the whole point of this excursion!

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